Raju Patil: ‘Rohit Pawar must have got ‘that’ tip’, MNS MLA’s big statement about BJP

Raju Patil: ‘Rohit Pawar must have got ‘that’ tip’, MNS MLA’s big statement about BJP

Kalyan Lok Sabha: Dombivli: NCP leader and MLA Rohit Pawar had revealed that MP Shrikant Shinde will contest the election on BJP’s symbol. Talking about this, MNS MLA Raju Patil (Raju Patil) may have reasoned with Rohit Pawar. Rohit Pawar has a political legacy, he might have got this tip from discussions going on in his house. I support one of his statements that Kalyan Loksabha is likely to go to BJP. In this constituency, the movement is also going on in the same direction. Raju Patil has made such a statement on this occasion. (mns mls raju patil supported rohit pawar statement that kalyan lok sabha will be contested on bjp symbol)

Senior BJP leaders and Union Minister Anurag Thakur hold meetings in this Lok Sabha constituency. So there is confusion about which party will take the nomination for this seat. Also, if the party orders, MNS will contest this Lok Sabha constituency and fight on its own.’ Raju Patil also said on this occasion.See more web stories

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“Just like Ganesha went through the pit, we will only be better off if we put him in the pit in the election”

Meanwhile, speaking on this occasion, MNS took an aggressive stance regarding potholes on roads in Kalyan-Dombivli city. MNS MLA Raju Patil targeted the BJP along with the ruling Shiv Sena Shinde faction along with the municipal administration. “Administration has become a rhinoceros skin, one window scheme is going on, no elections have been held in this place. When officials commit corruption, the rulers are also complicit, so no one begs them. So, just like Ganesha went through the pit, it will only be good if we put him in the pit in the coming elections. MNS MLA Raju Patil criticized the municipal administration along with the rulers.

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“Don’t put up my birthday banner in the meantime. At least fill a hole instead of a banner.’ MNS MLA Raju Patil has appealed to the activists and office bearers. His post has gone viral on social media.

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