Pune Crime News A Perverted Detainee Who Tortures Animals Unnaturally

Pune : A shocking news has come out from Pimpri Chinchwad. In Jadhavwadi area of ​​the city, a murderous person has sexually assaulted a one and a half year old buffalo Redka. Chikhli police have arrested Ramkishan Chauhan, a 24-year-old murderer. Due to their perverted act, anger is being expressed from all over.

Ganesh Jadhav’s Gotha is located in Jadhavwadi area. They noticed that the legs of the redka being tied were tied in it. After that, they installed CCTV in the cowshed and inspected it. After finding that Ramkishan was coming to cowshed, Jadhav filed a case at Chikhli police station and informed the police about the incident. Police have arrested the accused and further investigation is being conducted by Chikhli police.

What exactly happened?

Every morning when the owner came to the cowshed, the owner could see that Redka’s feet were tied. So, to see why this is happening, the owner decided to install CCTV directly in the cowshed. After that, the CCTV was kept under scrutiny for a few days. The relative of the owner said that the light of the cowshed was switched off one day in the morning. At that time, the owner went directly to the cowshed and inspected it. It was noticed that the cord was installed from the inside. After picking up the letter, it was noticed that someone had left. He then examined the CCTV footage and was seen beating Redya and tying her legs.

At the same time, it was also seen that the perpetrator took away the CCTV cameras. This happened three times between August 18 and October 10. It came to light that Chauhan had done this and the owner went straight to the police. After that, Chauhan was called to the police and he also admitted that he had committed an unnatural act. After that he was arrested by the police.

The same has been revealed before…

This kind of thing had come to light in Pune earlier as well. An unnatural act was committed on a Reddy in a riverbed in Pune. At that time, due to the sound of Redya and its grinding, this type of thing was noticed by the locals. At that time, the Deccan police immediately took action and arrested one person and immediately started treatment on Redya.

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