Pranthana Behere leaves Mumbai to live forever in nature, says, “I thought that in Mumbai…” | Prarthana behere shifts to Alibaug tells about her experience after leaving Mumbai

Prarthana Behre’s name is included in the list of leading actresses in Marathi entertainment industry. Be it serial or movie; She has mesmerized all audiences with her work. Her fan base is huge. Prarthana is also active on social media and keeps in touch with her fans. She keeps her fans up-to-date on her work, her personal life. She said that now she has gone to live permanently outside Mumbai in the presence of nature.

Prarthana Behere recently started her own YouTube channel. Prataran, who is currently seen in serials and movies, is now available through her own new YouTube channel. She recently posted a new video on her channel. In it, she shared a glimpse of the garden in their luxurious home, saying that she had shifted to Alibaug permanently.

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She said, “This house was built by me and my husband with a lot of love and heart. So this house has a special place in my heart. I had a bit of trouble in the early days. I thought I had all my work in Mumbai and how could I leave it all and shift to Alibaug forever? I wondered how I could handle it all. But later I realized that it is actually very easy to manage.”

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She further said, “Mandwa is 15 minutes away from our house. There are jetties, boats, roros to go to Mumbai from there. We leave our car in Roro and reach Mumbai in 45 minutes. So it takes only one hour to reach Mumbai from here. It usually takes us about the same amount of time to go anywhere in Mumbai through traffic, so this one-hour journey doesn’t seem like much.” Now Prarthanacha talking is in discussion and her fans are giving her various reactions by commenting on this video.

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