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Akola: Vanchit Bahujan Alliance (Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi) said that Prakash Ambedkar’s face comes first. However, Prakash Ambedkar’s son, who is the representative of Ambedkar’s next generation in Vanchit recently Sujat Ambedkar are seen becoming active. So far Sujat had not paid much attention to Akola. However, they are now more active in Akola. Prakash Ambedkar will contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Akola. Accordingly, from yesterday (October 2), Sujat has started a four-day ‘Tande Samu Chalo’ (‘Go to the Tandy’) Banjara Tandy Padayatra targeting the Banjara voters of Akola district. During these four days, he will visit 48 Banjara Tandis and interact with Banjara brothers. During these four days, their stay will also be at Banjara Tandya.

Sujat Ambedkar of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi said, this is a yatra to understand the culture, traditions and issues of the Banjara community. Congress will have to bear the consequences if Vanchit is not included in the ‘India’ alliance. They have to face people’s anger. We have started preparation on our own strength. Currently, there is no thought about contesting the election.

Sujat Ambedkar active in the background of Lok Sabha

Various programs have been organized during Sujat’s visit. Prakash Ambedkar is contesting election from Akola Lok Sabha constituency. Now in 2024, he will contest the election from Akola for the eleventh time in a row. Therefore, Sujat Ambedkar is seen to be active in the background of the upcoming Lok Sabha. A few days ago, Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi, led by youth leader Sujat Ambedkar, took out a grand march against the contract recruitment in the state (Sangli News). Despite suffering from dengue, Sujat Ambedkari attended the planned march.

Will Sujat Ambedkar contest elections in the upcoming period?

Will Sujat Ambedkar contest elections in the upcoming period? These discussions were sparked. Finally, Prakash Ambedkar answered this and put an end to the discussion. Answering this, Prakash Ambedkar said, Sujat Ambedkar will not contest any Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections from Akola.
Social work is his forte. He has to prove whether he is interested in electoral politics. He has not thought about his constituency even outside Akola.

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