PMP decided to change route of various buses due ganesh festival this year – pmp decided to change route of various buses due ganesh festival this year

m. Ta. Representative, Pune : A large number of citizens come to see the scenes during Ganeshotsav, causing traffic jams. To avoid this dilemma, the roads in the central area are closed for bus traffic after 5 pm by the traffic police. Therefore, the buses plying on the roads in the central area will be operated from other routes.

Changes in bus routes

– Bus Route Number : 2, 2A, 11, 11A, 11A, 216, 298, 354, Metro 12, 13, 20, 21, 37, 38, 88, 297, 28, 30, 10 : Buses on these routes during Ganeshotsav period Shivaji After barring entry by road, the junglers will proceed to Swargate Chowk via Tilak Road via Balgandharva, Deccan, Sambhaji Bridge. After closing the Tilak Road, these buses will come to Dandekar Bridge via Shastri Road and then via Mitra Mandal Chowk to Laxmi Narayan Chowk and take their regular route. However, no change was made until the traffic on Bajirao Road was restricted from Swargate to Shivajinagar.
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Bus Route No. 55 : Buses on this route will be released from Nataraj station instead of Shanipar/Mandai during road closure; Also, the route of this bus will be Ambil Odha Colony, Senadat Police Chowki.

– Route Number : 58,59 : Buses on this route will be released from Deccan Gymkhana station during road closure.

– Route No.- 8, 81, 94, 108, 143, 144, 144A, 144A, 283 : Buses on these routes coming from Pune Station stop at Sassoon Hospital, Maldhakka, Juna Bazar, Manpa Bhavan Bus Station, Congress Bhavan, Balgandharva, Deccan Bus Station, From Khanduji Baba Chowk onwards, the usual route will follow. This change is to be done only after traffic police close Lakshmi Road to traffic.

– Route No- 9, 174 : Bus of this route going from Pune Station to NDA Kondhwa Gate, if Laxmi Road is closed for traffic, it will come to Modern Bakery Chowk and take a left turn from Seven Loves Chowk to Swargate Chowk. On the way go from Swargate Chowk straight to Nehru Stadium via Sarasbagh Tilak Road to Deccan Corner.
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– Route No- 7, 197, 202 : Buses on these routes will ply during the road closure period via Mhatre Bridge via Swargate Shankarsheth Road and turn left at Seven Loves Chowk before Ramoshi Gate, Bhawanimata Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Station. However, after the closure of the road near Bhawanimata Mandir, the shooting ground, Mahatma Gandhi station will continue on the normal route.
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