Not seeing the web series? Sonali clearly said; I have followed that principle from the beginning… – Sonalee Kulkarni interview Marathi actress talks about upcoming projects and personal life

After working in Hindi cinema along with Marathi, actress Sonali Kulkarni is now making her debut in Malayalam film. A chat with her about working with veteran actor Mohanlal, challenges facing the regional film industry, her journey as an artist and Ganeshotsav, which is celebrated in Maheri.You said that this year’s Ganeshotsav was emotional for you. You are prepared from making an idol of Ganaraya. what will you say
– This year for the first time Ganeshotsav is being celebrated without grandmother. My grandmother is my inspiration. As my mother is a Punjabi, I got all my Sanskars, customs and traditions from my grandmother. We belong to the flesh. Grandfather used to go to the temple to offer pooja. Therefore, this year an idol in the form of Saint Tukarambaba was created. Dehu soil and tulsi manjira mixed. This idol and festival this year is dedicated to Dehugaon, relationship with grandparents. This idol is eco-friendly and the colors are natural. While making the idol, Tukarambaba’s composition ‘Namila Ganapati Mauli Sarja Atta Gururaja Dandavat’ was in front.
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No matter where you are, you must come home to Ganeshotsav…
– The relationship between Gauri-Ganpati festival and Mahervashini is the same. For the past five years, my brother and I have been making idols of Ganaraya together. The energy that comes from this festival is priceless. Preparation, Aartya, Naivedya are all very satisfying and joyful.

You are making your Malayalam film debut. How was the experience of working with an actor like Mohanlal and a completely different regional genre?
– It’s a fantastic experience. The film will come out in the beginning of the new year itself. What to say about Mohanlal, he is an experienced actor with versatile personality. He has won national awards for theatre, singer, dancer and has the record for most hit films there. Learn from them how to work as a nut very easily and equally effectively. It was even more fun as the director of the film is also a National Award winner.
Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunk at the Box Office will soon enter the 1000 crores club, how much is Jawan’s earnings?Marathi actors are treated with respect while working in ‘Malaikotai Valiban’ regional films. Your experience working for ‘Malaikotai Valiban’?

– This is the glory of our Marathi film industry. Marathi artists get a lot of respect. This is due to giving utmost importance to the content. Malayalam cinema is similar to Marathi cinema. There too, priority is given to work with the value of content, literature and language. The audience there is also full and their love for the language is astounding. The working method and budget are also similar to us. This is a very grand movie in Malayalam language. Though we can’t reveal the details of the role, we can say for sure that the audience will get to see some great content. Director

While doing various works as an actress, you are away from the medium of serials…
– Rather than saying that I am far away, I would definitely work if I get such a role. Since the beginning of my career, I have followed the principle of working on a piece of art that I can sit down and watch with my family. Good roles have been found in the journey till date. From now on, I will focus on doing different work.

The commercial success of films is a subject of uncertainty. What do you feel as an actress and audience and what are the challenges facing the regional film industry?
– It is a matter of satisfaction that movies are playing now and theaters are crowded. Cinema is never ‘safe’ as a ‘business’. According to the experience of ‘Zimma’, who will watch women-oriented films, they were told to give them on OTT. It earned well at the box office. Same thing with the movie ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’. The films ‘Wade’, ‘Walvi’ also ran. The point is that content, quality, presentation have become necessary to be consistent.

You had announced the film as a producer. Thoughts on writing-directing?
– Yes the movie ‘Hakamari’ was announced. A step has been taken in production to tell favorite stories. Those with whom one has decided to do art work or with whom one saw that dream, has stopped to fulfill it with them. Work on this artwork will begin soon. There is no thought of writing and directing at the moment.

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