North East Express Accident Family Last Selfie Before Boarding Train Mother And Daughter Died Bihar; Bihar train accident: Selfie taken at station turns out to be the last one, wife-daughter dies in the blink of an eye

Buxar: Deepak Bhandari’s wife Usha Bhandari and her eight-year-old daughter Akriti Bhandari, who were traveling to Assam, were among the four passengers who died after the train derailed at Raghunathpur in Bihar. The family of husband and wife and two daughters were going to Assam. Deepak Bhandari was traveling in the train with his wife and two daughters. He himself and one of his daughters survived the accident, but his wife and one daughter died. The entire family took a selfie at the Anand Vihar terminal before boarding the train. Deepak Bhandari’s selfie with his wife and daughter turned out to be his last selfie.

Buxur train accident

Deepak Bhandari took a selfie with his wife and two daughters before boarding the North East Express at Anand Vihar Terminal. This selfie of Deepak Bhandari includes his wife and his two daughters. After taking a selfie, these people boarded the North East Express at Anand Vihar Terminal. He wanted to go to New Jalpaiguri. But, fate had something else written in it. The entire family dispersed before reaching the destination.

Bihar train accident: lost father and two brothers, now the accident has taken away the only support from the family

After the crash of North East Express between Ara-Buxar, darkness fell in the bogie, where everyone was searching for their loved ones. Deepak Bhandari was searching for his two daughters and wife. At this time he heard his daughter’s voice. In the dark, he somehow managed to find one of his daughters.

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After this, Deepak Bhandari started searching for his wife and second daughter. Despite a lot of searching, Usha and Akriti were not found. Then they started searching outside the train. Deepak said he saw his wife and daughter fall down from the train. By then it was too late, both the wife and daughter were dead. Both were declared brought dead by doctors after being taken to the hospital.

The North East Express had a terrible accident before it reached the railway station; Four passengers died, 100 injured

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