No Entry To Fans In Stadium For Pakistan’s Match For ODI World Cup 2023 ; Why spectators are not allowed to attend Pakistan’s World Cup match, BCCI says the big reason

Mumbai: Spectators will not be allowed to enter the Pakistan match in the World Cup in India. BCCI has given this information. At the same time, BCCI has also told the reason why spectators will not be allowed in the stadium. The Pakistan team was initially not ready to come to India for the World Cup. But with time, his opposition subsided and he said that he would come to play the World Cup in India. Subsequently, the date of the match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad was also changed. Therefore, a strong discussion of Pakistan has started even before this World Cup. Now the BCCI has said that they will not allow spectators to watch the match of the Pakistan team.

A BCCI official said, “The World Cup warm-up match between Pakistan and New Zealand will be played in Hyderabad on September 29. Spectators will not be allowed in the ground for this match. Because this match will be held in Hyderabad on September 29. Before that, on September 28, Ganesh Visarjan and Milan Un Nabi is going to be both events. In Milan Un Nabi the procession goes till late night. Also Ganesh Visarjan can go on for a long time in the night. So local police will be busy in both these public events. So they will not be able to provide security for this match immediately on the next day. So “Hyderabad Cricket Association has decided not to allow spectators to enter this match. Therefore, spectators will not be allowed to enter the ground for this Pakistan match. However, security will be provided for both teams to enter the ground.”

This decision will be painful for Hyderabad fans. Because apart from this match only three matches will be played in Hyderabad. The most important thing is that India does not have a single match in this.

Cheers of cricket lovers after Team India returned to the hotel after winning the final

Now the spectators will not be able to go to the ground even for the Pakistan match. So this will be a bad news for Hyderabad fans.

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