NCP Leader And Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar Hits Back To MLA Jitendra Awhad On Criticism

Nashik : A hearing is going on in front of the Election Commission about who is the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and whose is the election symbol. After the hearing on Friday, Jitendra Awhad, an MLA of Sharad Pawar’s group, attacked Ajit Pawar’s group. Ajit Pawar has criticized his criticism. Where does Pain and Jitendra Awad come together? Ajit Pawar raised this question.

Speaking at a press conference in Nashik, Ajit Pawar commented on various issues. Ajit Pawar said that Yashwantrao Chavan saw the interest of the nation and society. He is a venerable personality of vertical Maharashtra. Let anyone criticize. He taught how to be civilized. Sharad Pawar had said that he will have to go to court if my photo is posted. He said that he would not be able to travel in the state if he put the photo. Ajit Pawar also said that Yashwantrao Chavan will not call us like that now. If you have a case in court, lawyers present the case. Here we are, lawyers present before the Election Commission. Ajit Pawar defended the Election Commission’s hearings regarding the allegations leveled against Pawar by saying, “Where do Veedana and Jitendra Awad come together?”

Rohit refrained from talking about Pawar’s criticism saying that it is his question what to criticize. We are moving forward with the legacy of Yashwantrao Chavan. One has to work with a leadership in mind. Yashwantrao Chavan Saheb is a commendable personality. Ajit Pawar also said that it was Yashwantrao Chavan who had said that he would never strike below the waist.

What did Jitendra Awad say?

In the hearing before the Election Commission, the Ajit Pawar faction alleged that Sharad Pawar was working in a dictatorial manner. Today, Jitendra Awad held a press conference in Thane and criticized the Ajit Pawar group. Awad said that till yesterday, who was called Vitthal now how do you call him dictator? Sharad Pawar may not be vocal but he must have been emotional too. It is said that 18 people remained as ministers after the formation of the party. Till yesterday I used to believe that the god of all these (Ajit Pawar group) is Pawar Saheb.. but yesterday his lawyer called Pawar a dictator. These same people used to call Pawars Vitthal and Daiwat. Awad asked if even one person in Maharashtra would accept this allegation. Awad said that I am making this comment to express my grief over the sentence that Sharad Pawar is acting like a dictator. A man who respected democratic values ​​throughout his life. Pawar also said that she did not stay in the government house for an hour after resigning.

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