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Mumbai: The political movements in the NCP faction have once again gained momentum and Sharad Pawar ( Sharad Pawar ) support of one more MP and one MLA from the group to Ajit Pawar ( Ajit Pawar ) have been informed by the sources. It is known that both of them have given their affidavit to Ajit Pawar. So who is the MP supporting Ajit Pawar… Amol Kolhe or Shriniwas Patil? Everyone is curious about it. There is also talk that NCP Rajya Sabha MP Vandana Chavan or Fauzia Khan are currently with Sharad Pawar and one of them may not be an MP.

Recently, Ajit Pawar’s group has demanded disqualification of MLAs from Sharad Pawar’s group in the legislature court. After that this information has come to light. Although this MP and MLA, who supports Ajit Pawar’s group, is currently in Sharad Pawar’s group, it is known that he will clarify his position at the right time. Therefore, a petition has been filed in the Legislature against the remaining 10 MLAs by the Ajit Pawar group excluding the concerned MLA.

MP from Sharad Pawar group

After Ajit Pawar took a different stance in the NCP, most MLAs decided to side with him. Also, MPs Praful Patel and Sunil Tatkare decided to go with him. MP present at Ajit Pawar’s swearing-in ceremony. Amol Kolhe later decided to return to the Sharad Pawar faction. Also Rajya Sabha members Vandana Chavan and Fauzia Khan have been with Sharad Pawar since the beginning.

Meanwhile, a petition has been filed with the Speaker of the Legislature by the Ajit Pawar group demanding the immediate suspension of the Sharad Pawar group MLAs who are doing anti-party activities. original nationalist ( NCP ) Ajit Pawar group has made this demand saying it is theirs.

MP from Sharad Pawar group

1) Srinivas Patil
2) Supriya Sule
3) Dr. Amol fox

4) Vandana Chavan

5) Fauzia Khan

MLA from Sharad Pawar group

1) Jayant Patil
2) Jitendra Awad
3) Rohit Pawar
4) Suman Patil
5) Ashok Pawar
6) Sunil Bhusara
7) Prajakta Tanpure
8) Balasaheb Patil
9) Anil Deshmukh
10) Rajesh Tope
11) Sandeep Kshirsagar


1) Nawab Malik

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