NCP Crisis : Sharad Pawar doesn’t speak, but…; Speaking about the hearing, Jitendra Awhad Bhavok said…

Jitendra Awhad Sharad Pawar


After the split in the party, the struggle between Ajit Pawar group and Sharad Pawar group is going on to get the election symbol and party name of NCP. This fight is going on before the Central Election Commission. Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar group alleged that Sharad Pawar is running the party according to his will. Sharad Pawar MLA Jitendra Awad reacted to this by holding a press conference. It was seen that he got emotional this time.

During the hearing before the Election Commission, many objections were raised against Sharad Pawar during the arguments made by the lawyers of the Ajit Pawar group. Speaking about this, Awad said that Saheb himself was sitting in the election commission office for two hours, he did not speak but he also felt like he was emotionally attacked. A man who respected democratic values ​​throughout his life. He never stayed in that house even for an hour after resigning as Chief Minister.

All who got opportunities after forming the party. Loka remained a minister for eighteen and a half years. The same people are saying that Sharad Pawar has not kept democracy in the party. They are saying that they behaved like a dictatorship, they behaved like a dictator. I mean, after hearing that lawyer’s speech, I felt that what are we fighting for… what policy, what value… After sitting in the house, he will get a call saying that you have been made such-and-such minister, go and take oath. What is the result of all this emotional freedom, if they are dictators? Awad asked why even one person in Maharashtra agrees with this.

That was all Sharad Pawar wanted to leave and say you are not a democrat, we don’t want to be in your party. We draw independent parties. The baby in their arms now seems to have grown up, it is getting bigger. That tree you are trying to uproot. This can be understood as politics.

But what was said through the lawyers yesterday was intolerable and to be so insensitive… is not befitting of those who took everything from them, Awad said.

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