Nashik News: Gangapur dam gates reopened, Godaghat under water

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The gates of Gangapur Dam have been opened once again due to increased rainfall in the catchment area of ​​Trimbakeshwar Taluka and Gangapur Dam. Therefore, Godaghat has gone under water for the third time this year. Life on the banks has been disrupted. Meanwhile, water is still being released from other dams in the district. (Nashik News)

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After a day’s break, the rains have picked up speed again since midnight on Saturday (23rd). Heavy rains started in Nashik city and area. Therefore, Nashikkar’s Sunday morning (24th) was greeted with rain. After occasional light to moderate showers during the day, the rain eased in the evening. The catchment area of ​​Gangapur dam, which supplies water to the city, is also heavy in rainfall. The flow of water coming into the dam is also more. Therefore, the gates of the dam, which were closed in the early hours of Saturday (24th), were opened overnight. Also, water discharge was started from it in a phased manner. At around eight in the night, 4 thousand 544 cusecs is being released from the dam. As a result, Gaedaghat has gone under water. Considering the rising water level, the administration warned the residents to be cautious. After that, small and big sellers on the banks started selling goods. (Nashik News)

Due to continuous inundation in rural areas as well, it is being discharged from Darna, Palkhed, Chankapur and other dams. 2 thousand 708 cusec discharge is going on from Darna. Apart from this, 847 cusec from Palkhed and 1762 cusec from Chankapur is being done in Visarga river basin. Also Bhavli 208, Valdevi 25, Kadwa 824, Alandi 87, Karanjwan 301, Waghad 263, while 134 and 30 cusecs of water are being released from Haranbari and Kelzar respectively. Meanwhile, due to release of large amount of water from Godavari, Darna and Palkhed groups, water is rapidly inflowing into Nandur Madhyameshwar. Therefore, the dam has been released 10 thousand 702, and the water is rushing towards Marathwada.

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