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Nashik : The central government has levied export duty on onions from Maharashtra, on the other hand, why is there no 40 percent export duty on onions from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh? An onion trader will never tolerate raising such a question. Until then, what is decided in the meeting of the marketing ministers on 26th September? Onion traders strike This role will continue in Nashik district Onion trader The organization has taken.

In Nashik (Nashik) Bandh has been called by the Onion Traders Association from Wednesday and no solution has been found even after the meetings of the Guardian Minister. In this way, trade associations held a meeting and discussed all these developments yesterday. But no decision was taken even from this meeting which lasted for two-and-a-half hours. The central government is indifferent about onions in Maharashtra Export duty Traders are taking a stance that injustice is being done to them by increasing it, they will never tolerate it, unless the state government takes a concrete decision, they will not participate in the Onion Auction and the bandh will continue like this, a unilateral decision has been taken in the meeting of traders’ association.

In Nashik District Onion question It is well lit and due to the strike called by the trade unions after the agitation of the farmers, the turnover of crores has come to a standstill. In this case, no solution could be found in the meeting of the Guardian Minister. Onion auctions in 17 market committees (Bajar Samiti) of the district have been closed since Wednesday and the traders have taken a one-sided stance of not auctioning till the onion export duty is withdrawn. The meeting held on Thursday with the Guardian Minister and the Collector did not yield any solution. After that, the traders association held a meeting and discussed. The meeting was attended by all including the guardian minister. But the meeting lasted from four o’clock in the evening till seven o’clock, it seems that the businessman is firm on his position. It was decided in this meeting that if the demands are accepted in the cabinet meeting on 26th, the onion traders will participate in the auction, otherwise they will participate in indefinite strike.

Traders’ decision to maintain the bandh

Meanwhile Onion trader The association has already sent a statement of various demands to the state government, including reducing the export duty by 40 percent initiated by the central government, reducing the taxes in the local market committee, and also to the district administration. and of Nashik district to exchange views on the same Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse (Dada Bhuse) held a meeting, but no solution was reached in this meeting either. Also, since the traders cannot afford to participate in the onion auction, the traders have not participated in the onion auction. Therefore, it has been said that traders will not participate unless the market committee is in place. In this meeting it was decided to continue the ongoing agitation. Therefore, in the meeting of the Onion Traders Association held yesterday, it has been decided to maintain this bandh

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