Nagpur News : Due to the rain, the fragrance of flowers has become expensive in Kunda and Nisigandh Rs 800 per kg

Published on : 19 September 2023, 2:37 am

Nagpur – While inflation has been low on festivals, now due to rains, the prices of flowers have increased on the eve of Ganeshotsav.

Bappa’s arrival today and yesterday’s hartalika has increased the demand for flowers and the prices have skyrocketed. After two days Gauri will arrive, the price of flowers will increase even more.

Every year the demand for flowers increases during Ganeshotsav, Rishi Panchami, Gauri Puja. This year, however, sudden rains have increased inflation.

Although the demand is increasing due to the festival, this year the flowers have been damaged due to rain. Due to low demand and increased inflows, prices have increased. Flower prices were normal two days ago, two days rains on the day of polai damaged flower farming.

Marigold which was earlier Rs 30 and Rs 40 per kg went directly to Rs 70 to Rs 90 per kg. The increase in the Hyderabad market has reduced the inflows from Nagpur.

Now we have to rely only on local flowers. Further business will depend on the blessings of rain.

Due to the rain, there was a lot of damage to the flower farm. The demand for flowers has also increased on the occasion of festivals. Due to this, there has been a record price increase in the price of flowers. Due to Gouri Pujan in two days, the demand will increase, so the price will increase.

Jayant Rananavere, wholesale flower seller.

Flower Previous Rates Today’s Rates

(Rs. per kg) (Rs. per kg)

Marigold 30 to 40 70 to 90

Small marigolds 40 to 50 80 to 90

Rose 70 to 80 300 to 350

Rose 70 to 90 250 to 300

Shewanti 80 to 100 200 to 250

Kunda 350 to 400 800 to 850

Nishigandha 100 to 120 600 to 800

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