Nagal in financial fraud; The question of funding for tennis players remains! | India’s top tennis player Sumit Nagal is in big financial problem zws 70

New Delhi : Sumit Nagal, who is India’s top singles player in tennis, is currently in a big financial dilemma. Sumit has less than one lakh in his bank account after matching the one crore rupees required to play in ATP series tournaments.

Funding has always been a problem for Indian tennis players. Players are fighting alone. The fact that the leading player of the country cannot save money for himself and his family is enough to show the helplessness of the players. Due to this problem, Sumit has to miss out on training at the Nansel Tennis Academy in Germany.

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Sumit has staked all his prize money, entire honorarium from Indian Oil and funds from Maha Tennis Foundation to play in the ATP series.

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Sumit said, “I have only 80 thousand rupees in my bank account. I am funded by Prashant Sutar of Maha Tennis Foundation. Remuneration from Indian Oil. However, I don’t have any big sponsor. What he earns, he invests. Nothing remains with the knot. Coaches and physios have been appointed. However, when playing in the ATP series, I can only take help from one of them. For a traveling coach

I have to spend 80 lakh to 1 crore rupees every year. I cannot live without compromise.

Nagal’s sports equipment (racquets, shoes, apparel) is handled by Yonex and Asics. Sumit earned Rs 65 lakh from the 24 tournaments he played this year. Out of this, he received the highest amount (about 18 lakhs) from the US Open. For the past few years I have been the top singles tennis player in the country. I am the only player to qualify for singles at a Grand Slam tournament. Despite this, I am not included in the ‘TOPS’ scheme of the government. What else should I do? – Sumit Nagal

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