Mumbai Crime 13-Year-Old Girl Leaves Home For Tuition Jumps In Front Of Train

A shocking incident of a 13-year-old minor girl living in Mhada Colony in Mulund East has taken place on Friday by jumping on the railway tracks. She was studying in a municipal CBSE school. On the occasion of going to class, she left home and committed suicide, police said.

According to the Railway Police investigating the matter, the girl came home from school in the afternoon as usual on the day of the incident. After coming home, she had lunch and left for tuition. She then boarded an AC bus and alighted at Mulund station. After alighting from the bus, the girl entered Mulund railway station and reached platform number four. From here there are fast locales going to CSMT.


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What did the police see in the CCTV footage?

According to the CCTV footage, she was waiting on the platform for some time. Meanwhile, she seemed absorbed in her thoughts. The 6.10 fast CSMT local was arriving at Platform No. 4 at Mulund station. As soon as the train reached the platform, it landed on the railway tracks. Shockingly, she didn’t jump onto the train tracks in a hurry or lose her balance. So, she got down on the tracks very calmly and the local quickly passed by her, the police informed. Due to this, she died on the spot.

What is the reason behind suicide?

After the accident, her body has been sent to Rajawadi Hospital. Based on the details found in her tuition bag, the police contacted her family and informed them about the incident. This incident was very shocking for her parents. Because, no incident has happened in her life that made her commit suicide. Also, he told the police that he did not feel anything from her speech and behavior.

The police will soon talk to the girl’s school and teaching staff and friends to find out the reason behind the suicide. Accidental death has been registered in this case.

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