Mulund Maharashtrian : The issue of secondary treatment of Marathi speakers in Mulund area emerged – ABP MAJHA

  1. Mulund Maharashtrian: In Mulund area, the issue of giving secondary treatment to Marathi speakers came upABP MAJHA
  2. Mulund Video : In Mulund, a Marathi woman was denied a house, even pushed, after MNS’s requestABP Majha
  3. ‘We don’t give seats to Marathi people’, Shocking form in Shiv Sadan building in MumbaiZee 24 hours
  4. Video Bullying by Gujaratis in Mulund, Marathi man denied entry into societySaamana
  5. Gujrati Viral Video | A Marathi couple was denied a seat in Mumbai! Pushing and shouting, video viral..Saam TV News
  6. See the full story on Google News

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