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Mumbai | 6 October 2023 : Starring actor Akshay Kumar ‘Mission Raniganj’ The film released in theaters today (October 6). The story of this film is based on a true incident and Akshay plays the role of real life hero Jaswant Singh Gill. He had saved the lives of 65 miners who were trapped almost 350 feet below the ground without caring for their own lives.

In 2006, in Haryana’s Kurukshetra, despite the availability of new technology, the mission to save Prince, a boy who fell 50 feet into a borewell, took almost three days. In 1989, almost 18 years before this incident, Jaswant Singh Gill saved the lives of 65 workers who were trapped 300 feet below the ground in just two days. Akshay Kumar has once again brought a new facet of his talent to the audience in the role of ‘Capsule Man’ Jaswant Singh. From the opening moment to the climax, this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The basic methods of British technology from nearly 250 years ago are still used today in coal mines around the world. The first coal mine in India was started in Raniganj by British officials working for the East India Company. Of course, the entire coal business in India was based on the system created by the British. Although the mines of England and India were six thousand kilometers apart, one thing was common in both the coal mines. It is an accident in mines.

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Story of the movie

Jaswant Singh Gill (Akshay Kumar) moves in with his pregnant wife (Parineeti Chopra) in Raniganj. Jaswant works as a rescue engineer at Coal India Limited in Raniganj, West Bengal. When a coal mine starts flooding after a blast, Jaswant takes it upon himself to save the lives of 71 people trapped underground. But before this mission begins, six workers die. During this rescue operation, Jaswant Singh Gill completes the mission by overcoming many obstacles. But the story of how this entire mission is completed can be seen in this film.


The film ‘Mission Raniganj’ has been directed by Tinu Desai. He also directed Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Rustam’. After ‘Rustam’, Tinu and Akshay Kumar have teamed up once again for this film. There have been many changes in Tinu’s direction in the last seven years and the same changes can be seen in this film. The film is conceptualized by Jaswant Gill’s daughter Poonam Gill and the screenplay is written by Vipul K Rawat.

Talking about the direction of ‘Mission Raniganj’, along with the story of the film, the details of the film impresses you. In this, an attempt has been made to show the best of the 80s. The atmosphere of that time, the clothes of the people and their language have been given close attention. Like a documentary during a rescue mission, the story of the film does not move at a fast pace. So the scenes in this sometimes bring a smile on your face and sometimes tears in your eyes. Even though you know the beginning and the end of this film, you stay connected with its story and that is the great success of the director.

Actors acting

Akshay Kumar has played the role of Jaswant Singh Gill very well in the film. His performance in ‘Mission Raniganj’ stands out more than Akshay Kumar’s performance in ‘Airlift’. The film has Jaswant on one side and his wife on the other. Parineeti Chopra who plays the role of Akshay Kumar’s wife is very positive in this. But there is not much scope for her role in the film. Apart from these two actors Varun Badaula, Kumud Mishra, Ravi Kishan, Pawan Malhotra and Divyendu Bhattacharya have done full justice to their roles.

Editing plays an important role in making the story of the film more interesting. Cinematographer Asim Mishra is underrated for the coal mine detailing, dark lighting and artificial mine shooting. The songs in this are nothing special. But the background music is awesome. This background music makes every scene more interesting.

For the superhero seekers out there, this movie teaches you that you are the hero of your own story. But for that you have to face every challenge with courage. It teaches us that there is a Jaswant Singh Gila inside every person, who can make the impossible possible with the right thinking and courage.

Four stars to Mission Raniganj

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