Migrant employees beaten up by militants at toll booth of ‘Samriddhi’ highway; Type from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar : A shocking incident has come to light in the district.Samruddhi Mahamarg) A migrant worker working at a toll booth has been beaten up by the militants. It is being alleged that the local employees working at the toll booth are being threatened by the foreign employees, and because of this, it is coming to light that the militants have beaten up the foreign employee. Interestingly, for the past several days, disputes have been continuously coming to light at this toll booth due to unpaid salaries of local employees. This incident happened at Jambargaon toll booth in Vaijapur taluka.

The toll booth on the Samriddhi Highway located at Jambargaon in Vaijapur Taluka of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar has been in the news for the past few days for various reasons. Meanwhile, today once again this toll road has come into discussion. The MNS has alleged that the local Marathi employees working at this place are being threatened by the foreign employees. Therefore, MNS office bearers have beaten up the migrant workers working at the toll booths. MNS Nashik City President Akshara Ghodke has responded in MNS style against the foreign employees and officials of Toll Nak Company saying why local workers working at toll booths are being abused and beaten up. This time he has also beaten up the foreign workers.

Traffic jam on Samriddhi…

For the past few days, a dispute has been going on between local workers and migrant workers at Jambargaon toll booth in Vaijapur taluka. Because of this, many times the local employees had also protested by closing the toll booths. Meanwhile, after getting information about this, Nashik city president of MNS Akshara Ghodke along with her workers went to the toll booth today. At this time, he also beat up the migrant workers asking for answers. So there was only confusion at the toll booth. So, the toll booth was also closed. Due to this, we saw a picture of traffic congestion on the Samriddhi Highway and long queues. Meanwhile, on getting this information, the police reached the spot. Also, efforts are being made by the police to smoothen the traffic.

There was a dispute before…

There is a toll booth at Jambargaon in Vaijapur taluka on Samriddhi Highway passing through Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district. Meanwhile, disputes have always been seen between the local employees working at the same toll booth and the foreign officials over the payment of salaries. So, the local workers have alleged that the foreign officials are constantly pushing and insulting with bad behavior. Interestingly, there have been incidents in the past where local toll workers have also demolished toll booths due to this reason.

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