Michael B. Jordan TKO With His Hilarious SNL Hosting Debut

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From magical mike moment for a traitorous insurance salesman, Michael B. Jordan flexed his funny skills even harder than his muscles during his Saturday Night Live start of accommodation.

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Mike TKO did his post-breakup monologue and scene-stealing skits with Little baby as a musical guest.

Michael B. Jordan’s SNL opening monologue talked about his breakup with Lori Harvey

The Belief III The star and director set the tone with a refreshing opener that featured him making fun of himself, his very public breakup and humble beginnings before his idol status.

“I am so happy to be here. Michael B. Jordan, and tonight Michael B. Hosting. Michael B. Michael B. Joke. And frankly, Michael B. Nervous,” he said.

“Michael B. Vulnerable. But don’t worry, Michael B. Okay. Because Michael B. In Therapy!

Who doesn’t love a man with a sense of humor? Mike gave us a look back at his acting debut with Cornrows on All my children! He also joked about the unexpected reasons it was hard to get over his breakup with Lori Harvey.

“I just had my very first public breakup. Now most people after a breakup say, “I’ll be better off!” But I was already in Belief to shape.”

Instead he said he learned a new language to say thn spanish that he is on Raya dating app.

The ladies of the cast stopped to fire their shot. Ego Nwodim rocked a wedding dress in case he was still in a hurry to settle down. “Punkie B. Curious,” said the outspoken lesbian Punkie Johnson. “Even vegans have cheat days!”

Mike gets rude as the crooked morning show host

On a segment of Hello today In the show, Sarah Sherman plays the host of Cuisine With Francine after her face becomes paralyzed from 7pm on a rollercoaster. She and Jordan’s weatherman persona taste soup, pasta and Italian bread with their lips hanging open in this squeaky comedy. They even starred on former couple co-hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach with a the Lady and the Tramp moment.

SNL shots were fired at Southwest Airlines

In this Southwest spoof, the airline apologizes for the travel apocalypse of more than 16,000 flight cancellations over the holiday season. They promised to switch computers and recruit new crews from among former Waffle House employees from 2002 to 2008. “Come to them if you want, but these fat bitches don’t play!” Joran’s lounge captain threatened. “If it’s that important to you, walk! »

Mr. State Farm is stealing your daughter

Jordan plays Jake from State Farm to perfection with a super funny twist. Shortly after Jake offered his 24/7 help, he entered the house. The commercial turns into a horror thriller for the husband who is slowly replaced in the family, and even in his own bed, by Jake.

“He’s not a good neighbor!” Dag screams as Jake takes over.

We definitely need more dark comedic roles!

Mike turns up the heat and does it as a stripper

The SNL the team gave people what they wanted, and Mike served a piece of it magical mike. As entertainment for a bachelorette party, Vince the firefighter (Jordan) pulls out his big hose. Shortly after jumping, locking and twerking for the ladies, Vince’s pregnant wife crashes the party.

Besides being a Hollywood heartthrob, the Newspaper for Jordan the actor has proven he has the reach for a little bit of everything. We’re overdue for romantic comedies, thrillers and comedies among Mike’s action blockbusters.

Watch Lil Baby’s performances of “California Breeze” and “Forever.”

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