Meta’s Horizon Worlds catches up with the NES by making A the jump button

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Meta significantly improves the controls of its social virtual reality platform Horizon worlds: Jump has been reassigned to the A button, according to a blog post about the app’s new v94 update.

You might be surprised that this wasn’t the case before, especially since the A button has been widely used for jumping in video games for decades. But for now, you jumped in Horizon worlds by pressing the right stick as if it were a button. If you ask me, it wasn’t ideal; Not only is jumping not where you’d expect it to be, but the right thumbstick is already being used to rotate your character, so pressing the thumbstick to jump can also lead to unintentional turns.

The standard A button will take effect for “all players and worlds” with the update, according to Meta. The update is already available to me. When I loaded Horizon worlds after the update I was notified about the change and it took effect immediately; I accidentally learned this by hitting A without thinking about it and, well, my character jumped. If you want to go back to the old way, you can do it from the settings.


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