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A common misconception is that chess players are logical. But chess players are looking for a philosophy of living in it. Eminent politicians, world-changing scientists, respected writers have explained their bond with the game.


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Russian President Vladimir Putin says that chess makes a person wise and focused. Not only is he a chess player himself, but many of his politicians and fighters are excellent chess players. The current president of the World Chess Federation, Arkady Dorkovich, is a former deputy prime minister of Russia. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of the Kalmykia region of Russia, was the World Organization’s president from 1995 to 2017 and greatly advanced chess in his region of Kalmykia. Our former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao was also a chess lover and the then Asian champion Anupama used to go to play chess with him on his invitation. Che Guevara, the famous revolutionary of Cuba, was a good chess player and scorer. After playing Czech Grandmaster Ludek Pacman, he said, “Ludek, I’m a minister, but I’m not interested in that.” I would rather play good chess like you.” In short, chess and political life have a lot in common.

Many players and famous people from other fields have expressed their opinions about chess and life. Benjamin Franklin, the scientist who can be called the father of America, said, “Life is a game of chess–constant battles, contests, good and bad events.” He says, “What have I learned from chess?” So -1. Foresight 2. Examination and 3. Caution. And the most important thing is not to be deterred by the difficulties of the present situation, but to persevere and hope for a bright future.

International proverbs and sayings.

According to a Chinese proverb, our lives are like chess – changing at every moment! According to an Irish saying, the game of chess is truly the essence of life. Because all the pawns fighting each other – be it a king or a simple pawn – all have to go into the same bag at the end of the game; As after death everyone has the same fate. According to an ancient Indian proverb, chess is the sea in which a fly can drink and an elephant can bathe. As a French sage says, play chess only if you are strong; Because chess is not for cowards.
Everyone remembers the love story of Shireen and Farhad in the sixth century. Shirin was the queen of King Khusrau. Khusrau was a fan of chess (maybe that’s why he didn’t ignore Shireen?). He has said that if you are not good at chess, you cannot rule.

The great scientist (and friend of former world champion Emmanuel Lasker) Albert Einstein said, “Chess binds its master to himself; It fetters his mind and brain, so that even the strongest man’s inner freedom suffers.” Some players who constantly think about chess and live in the same world see that Einstein’s point is true. On this, the readers want to tell the joke of a hearty player. It’s Ukrainian Grandmaster Vasily Ivanchuk! The story is from 2016! The world speed competition was held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Ivanchuk defeated Magnus Carlsen to win the world title. All the players had gathered for the prize ceremony and Ivanchuk was sitting playing a game of checkers against Grandmaster Badur Jobava. Although silver medalist Grischuk and bronze medalist Carlson were awarded medals there, Ivanchuk is missing. Finally he had to run and get his gold. Even there this Patthya was standing thinking about the situation on his side. He was more attracted to that innings in the corner than that we had become world champions. After the award ceremony was over, he ran to complete the innings against Jobava. Readers can watch this entire episode on YouTube. Just type- ‘Evanchuk Funny Moments.’

According to the authors..

The 18th century German writer Johann Wolfgang said that the situations in which we take risks in our lives are the plans of attack in chess. It requires some sacrifices, but the final victory is ours. Johann doesn’t say it, but the flip side is that if your plan isn’t well-planned, it can backfire on you like a chess attack. Asiyak, author of the books The Thrill of Chess and The Beautiful Moments of Chess, writes that the joy of chess is greater than all the drugs in the world. Richard Dawkins, a writer/scientist who advanced in evolution after Charles Darwin, wrote many years ago – “I would like to see myself defeated by a computer, because mankind needs humility.” Dawkins saw his dream come alive. A computer named Deep Blue defeated the then world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. Sir John Simon, the father of the British public medical system, wrote about one and a half hundred years ago that playing chess is like taking a cold bath for your mind.

What do great players say?

At the beginning of the last century Dr. Siegbert Tarash was probably the best player, as he regularly beat then world champion Wilhelm Steinitz. But from his medical profession, he could not spare months for the world title. This Dr. Tarash was famous for his writings. I give some of his quick sentences. 1. Like love and music, chess has the power to make people happy. 2. Many people hold the titles of chess masters and grandmasters, but no one can truly master chess. 3. Skepticism is a sign of a good player. 4. I pity the human being who cannot play chess.

Bobby Fischer Quote- “Chess is war and it is my life.” Former world champion Boris Spassky said, “Chess is like life, but not life.” According to Grandmaster Gufeld, “Every move is like our life and every move is like our life. A player gets to live many lives in his life. This same Gufeld wrote in a love letter to his chess player girlfriend that you are my chess queen and I am a common pawn. Former world champion Karpov’s opinion is as bewildering as his mysterious games. He says, “Chess is my life, but my life is not chess. “Chess is art, science and sport all three.” According to him, “Chess is the science of logic.” There is.” The first world champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, loved chess immensely. He used to say, “Playing chess is so motivating that a good player cannot have bad thoughts while playing.” Austrian Grandmaster and Doctorate in Law Dr. Tartakova says, “In this game, the winner is the last to make the second mistake; There is no need to play the entire innings perfectly for that.

Physical fitness..

A modern chess player needs to pay attention to his mental and physical fitness. Gone are the days when gutsy grandmasters like Gufeld and Geller used to win tournaments. At that time the game was played at a very slow pace. If 40 overs were played in 2 hours and 30 minutes each, then the rest of the innings would be a relief on the next day. Now speed, lightning and bullet (only 1 minute for the entire innings – reader Rajeev Tambe suggested the term ‘goliband’) have increased. So if you are not fit, you are not real.
Former world champion Mikhail Botivnyk used to say that playing a world title match is such a strain on the mind and body that the life of the players is shortened by at least ten years. The same Botivnik goes on to say that what player would not risk his life to play for a world title? Botivnik himself played in 8 world championships and lived to be 83 years old; So this may be an exaggeration, but it is meant to indicate that the mind and body of chess players can be under tremendous pressure. That was the reason for the half-abandoned Karpov-Kasparov match in 1984. Anatoly Karpov, who was already slim, lost 10 kg during the match, which lasted for six months and 48 innings, and finally the president of the World Federation, Florencio Campamanez, had to step in and announce the cancellation of the match.

Not all people have a good opinion about some chess. Famous writer George Bernard Shaw, who refused the Nobel Prize because of the lack of speed in this game, said in anger, “Chess is a game of lazy people.” They think they’re doing something clever, but in reality they’re just wasting their time.” Grandmasters will be misunderstood for no reason. He says, “All Grandmasters are right in the head; Only their madness is more or less.” I do not think the reader will value the opinion of George Bernard Shaw or Korchnoy much, considering the benefits of chess.

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