Mars Transit in Libra 2023 : Will shine from 3rd October ‘These’ 5 zodiac signs will get success in career and business!

Mars Transit in Libra 2023 : Planets and Nakshatras are very important in astrology. Each planet changes its sign after a certain time, which has auspicious and inauspicious effects on human life, 12 signs. Like September, there will be a major transit of planets in October. This includes planetary ruler Mars, who will once again change signs on Tuesday, October 3. Due to which 3 zodiac signs will benefit a lot. The most important thing is that Ketu is already in Libra, in which case the yoga of Mars and Ketu will be in Libra which will last till October 30, this will also show good results to the people.

According to astrology, currently Mars, the warrior and commander of the planets, is posited in Virgo and will enter Libra from Virgo on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 06.16 PM. After this it will enter Swati Nakshatra on October 13th and Visakha Nakshatra on November 1st. At the same time, it will enter Scorpio on November 16. Changing the sign of Mars is considered very important in astrology. It has a great influence on the zodiac, earth and human life.

Transit of Mars is considered beneficial for ‘these’ signs


Transit of Mars is considered financially good for Virgo people. You will get unexpected money during this period. Businessmen are likely to receive dues. Time is considered good from career point of view. You can buy property or vehicle during this period. There may be benefits in business dealings. Conjunction of Mars and Ketu can also bring financial benefits. You will benefit from investments, getting relief from stuck money. Time will be good for people related to the fields of art, media, acting, singing and marketing.


The transit of Mars is considered very fruitful for the people of this sign. Luck will be on your side during this period. Also, vehicle and property purchases will come. There is a possibility of getting benefits from ancestral wealth. This period is good for students preparing for competitive exams, good job offers are also likely. The yoga of Mars and Ketu will be favourable. There will be an opportunity for advancement in career and business. One can get benefits from abroad. There is a high possibility of financial gain and increase in income. Time will be good for people active in politics.


Transit of Mars is considered auspicious for people. Income will increase during this period and new sources of income will also arise. One can get good success in career and business. There will be success in court work. Respect will increase in the society. This period is also considered good for those related to property, construction and real estate sectors.


The transit of Mars is no less than a boon for the people of this sign. There is a possibility of buying and selling property or vehicle. This period is considered good for those doing business in partnership. You will get success in every field. Your health will also be good at this time. There is also a great possibility of financial gain. The combination of Mars and Ketu can be auspicious. Confidence will increase. Your personality will also improve. You can develop relationships with important people at this time. This coincidence may open new avenues for your career. You can start a new job. During this time you can buy a new property or a new vehicle.


Changes in the sign of Mars, the ruler of the planets, can be good for Sagittarius people. Time will be good for career, you will get progress and success. You may get some good news related to children. Your finances will be strong and you will get money. Investments will increase your wealth. People related to business are also likely to benefit. There is a possibility of sudden financial gain. Also, money that has been trapped and stagnant for a long time can also come back.

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