“Marathi people had no arrogance”, praised Jitendra; Said, “Then liar…” | Actor Jitendra talks about Marathi people recalling memories from Girgaon Chawl

Veteran Bollywood actor Jitendra spent his childhood in Mumbai. His father came to Mumbai when he was very young. Jitendra lived in a chali in Girgaon till he was 19 years old. In an interview, Jitendra has commented on many things like the memories of this chali, the Marathi people living in the neighborhood, the teachings he received from them to live life, the chala culture.

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Jitendra said that he grew up among Marathi people in Girgaon. On this occasion, he praised the Marathi man. “At that time my neighbors were largely Marathi. I am talking about the Marathi people of my time. There were very good people. At that time the word liar was also considered bad, nowadays it seems very common when we hear it. But at that time it was bad if someone called a liar. Marathi people of that time had no arrogance. It was a pleasure to have everything that was close at hand. I am still looking for those people. There were such good Marathi people,” said Jitendra while talking to ‘ABP Maja’.

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Jitendra mentioned that things that seemed impossible then are now easily possible. “Now live in relationship, divorce seems normal. But these things were unthinkable when I was young. Divorce was said to happen only in America at that time. Even now I find it difficult to accept these things mentally”, said Jitendra.

Thami learned in Girgaon that one should never forget one’s own merit. If you start thinking yourself too big, it is your fault. Girgaon is in my heart, it can never be separated from me,” Jitendra had also mentioned.

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