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Telly Masala: Marathi entertainment industry has flourished again. Dramas, serials and movies of different quality are coming to the audience. Marathi art works are loved by audiences all over the world. But the audience is also curious to know how the actor’s personal life is, what is happening in the serial and cine world. Know news related to Marathi entertainment industry…

Shiv Thakare : Shiv Thackeray’s Ganpati Bappa in uniform; Ganaraya’s arrival was done by the police

Shiv Thakare : Our man Shiv Thakare is always in the news for some reason or the other. He tries to do something wrong. Now Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesh Chaturthi 2023) has arrived at his house. Ganapati Bappa in uniform has arrived at Shiva’s house. What is special is that Bappa has arrived with a bang by the police.

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Ashok Saraf : “Major turning point in my career…”; Uncle Ashok gave Dada Kondak’s memories

Ashok Saraf: Two diamonds in Marathi cinema are Dada Kondke and Ashok Saraf. These two also made entire Maharashtra laugh with their comedy style. Ashok Saraf appeared in the program ‘Saregamp Little Champs’. In the program ‘Saregamp Little Champs’, Ashok Maman brought to light the memories of Dada Kondke.

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Digpal Lanjekar : After ‘Subhedar’, Digpal Lanjekar will tell the story of Marathwada struggle; Inauguration by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Digpal Lanjekar New Marathi Project: The movie ‘Subhedar’ directed by Digpal Lanjekar is currently making a splash in the theaters. After the success of this movie, Digpal Lanjekar will now come to the audience with the story of the struggle of Marathwada. The name of this documentary is ‘Muktisangram: The Story of the Marathwada Struggle’. This documentary has been launched by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

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Kiran Mane : “A poor farmer’s boy in a small village…”; Kiran Manen praised this actor in ‘Jawaan’

Kiran Mane: Actor Kiran Mane has been praising Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Jawan’ for the past few days. Kiran Mane is praising the movie Jawan by sharing various posts on social media. Recently Kiran Mane has shared a special post. Omkardas Manikpuri has been appreciated through this post.

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Chinmay Mandlekar : Ganesh Chaturthi got a ‘Wadalwat’, every year since then the record remains, Why is Bappa special for Chinmay?

Chinmay Mandlekar On Kalavantancha Ganesh : Only a few hours are left for the arrival of Ganapati Bappa. Preparations are going on to welcome Bappa from house to house. Actor Chinmay Mandlekar (Chinmay Mandlekar) and Bappa have a special relationship. In ABP Maja’s ‘Kalavantancha Ganesh’ segment, actor Chinmoy Mandlekar said, “My career started on Ganesh Chaturthi”.

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