Marathi Actress Sonali Khare And Madhavi Nimkar Are Tushar Deval Relatives Three Of Them Have Special Bond; Tushar Deval is the brother of these two famous actresses in the Marathi art world, the three have a special relationship

Mumbai: Be it Bollywood or Marathi cinema, there are many actors in the industry who are related to each other. Recently, it has come to light that some actors in Marathi cinema have similar relationship with each other. Actress Sonali Khare, Madhavi Nimkar and musician Tushar Deval are relatives of each other in real life. Sangeet Tushar Deval and his wife Swati Deval attended an event. In the interview in this program, Tusshar Deval said that he and Sonali Khare, Madhavi Nimkar are in a relationship.

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What is Tusshar Deval’s relationship with Sonali Khare and Madhavi Nimkar?

Sonali Khare and Madhavi Nimkar and Tushar Deval are half-siblings. Importantly, Tushar Deval’s wife Swati Deval was Sonali Khare’s childhood friend. Both were in the same school, on the same bench, in the same class. As both of them were very special friends of each other, they used to visit each other’s house. But she never knew that Tushar and Sonali were related.

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After Tushar and Swati get married, Swati realizes that her childhood friend Sonali is actually her husband’s step sister. Both Madhavi Nimkar and Sonali Khare are cousins ​​of each other.

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Both Tushar Deval and Swati Deval work in the Marathi art world. Swati Deval played the role of Meenakshi’s sister-in-law in the serial Majhi Tuji Reshimgath. Even with this negative role, she became popular in the household. Currently, she is coming to the audience with the serial Rani Mee Hoon. Earlier, she has worked in serials such as Next Step, Knows Without, Storm Walk, Phu Bai Phu, Parijat. Tushar Deval is a famous music composer who has become popular from the show Chala Hawa Yeu Dya. Ganapati’s song Gaurai Alia Mahera has been released by Swati and Tusshar.

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