Marathi Actor Arun Kadam Aka Dadus Love Story With Wife Vaishali Know More About Their Wedding Fact; Me ha so, beta situation, why you so beautiful, still agree to marriage? This is the answer given by Vaishali to Dadus

Mumbai– Popular actor Arun Kadam, who made the audience laugh out loud from ‘Maharashtra’s Laughter Fair’, is famous throughout Maharashtra as Dadoos. He enthralled the audience with his special Malvani accent in his language. His style of comedy was liked by the audience and he became a household name with his acting. Arun recently became a grandfather. His daughter gave birth to a cute baby boy. But the story of Arun’s marriage is also very strange. They have an arranged marriage. His wife Vaishali is very beautiful. She will surpass even an actress in terms of beauty. But like others, Arun himself had a question about how Vaishali agreed to marry Arun, who is normal in appearance. Read their wedding story.

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Along with director Kedar Shinde, actors Bharat Jadhav, Ankush Chaudhary, there was Arun in Maharashtra’s folklore. While cultivating his passion for art, Arun got a job in the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. A friend suggested Arun the place of Vaishali. When he went with his friend to see Vaishali, he liked Vaishali very much. Vaishali’s father also liked Arun as son-in-law. Why did Vaishali agree to marry her even though she looked so beautiful? This question was asked by Arun. Because Arun Kadam was slowly gaining ground in the acting field at that time and his financial situation was also desperate.

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He decided to meet Vaishali to find out why Vaishali agreed to this marriage even though she looks normal, suspecting that she is forcefully marrying him. They met at Chhota Kashmir situated in Goregaon. Then Vaishali informed them of his consent. And Vaishali said that this marriage is not forced. She is ready to marry the boy her father tells her. After that, both of them got married in a big way. His situation at that time was very ordinary. Gradually they made their identity. After that, he got into the acting field as well.

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