Maratha Reservation : …otherwise the fire of Marathas will arise; Manoj Jarange’s warning to state government Maratha reservation manoj jarange patil warn to state government antarwali sarati meeting

Published on : 14 October 2023, 6:34 pm

Antarwali Sarati (Jalna District) – ‘If the government does not understand the sentiments of the Maratha community, that is their problem. Today, the fire of Maratha society is quiet. Once this frenzy starts, it will not subside. Government has to give reservation.

In the next 10 days, give reservation to the Maratha community immediately by giving the Kunbi certificate. If it is not given, what next? Let’s say this on the tenth day. We will not wait after ten days. Manoj Jarange-Patil, the leader of the Maratha reservation movement, gave a decisive warning while speaking at a meeting here on Saturday (14th).

Jarange said, “The law says castes have been created based on profession. Marathas in Vidarbha were given Kunbi certificates due to agricultural occupation. The Prime Minister of the country and the Chief Minister of the state are requested on behalf of the Maratha community to take the issue of Maratha community reservation seriously and include the Maratha community in ‘OBC’ and give Kunbi certificates.

Center and state should take immediate decision to include Maratha community in OBC. If that is not possible, reservation should be made in a separate category within fifty percent. However, this reservation should be durable like ‘NT’, ‘VJNT’. Don’t harm the biggest community unnecessarily. The last public request to the government is to stop the work of the committee set up for the Maratha community.

It was decided by you and us that the law will not be passed in four days. Give it a month. Passes the law on the basis of evidence. The committee has received five thousand pages of evidence. Based on that, give Kunbi certificate to Maratha community in Maharashtra and include Maratha community in Kunbi.’

Jarange said….

  • The Shinde Committee should immediately stop its work

  • The Umbra of the house will not be stitched without reservation

  • My faith in Maibap Maratha society

  • The police helped a lot. So take care of them

  • In Kopardi case, the criminal should be hanged immediately

Bhujbal, Criticism on Sadavartane

Jarange criticized senior leaders Chhagan Bhujbal and Gunaratna Sadavarte. Where did Bhujbal get the money from Manoj Jarange? Such a question was raised. Answering him, Jarange said, ‘123 villages along the Godavari bank paid all the expenses for this meeting. Moreover, the community members of some villages still collected subscriptions. At present, that money is with them.’

Addressing Gunaratna Sadavarte, Jarange said, ‘I demanded that you arrest me. Am I easy to arrest? You are the one going to court against Maratha reservation. Everyone knows this.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis should understand Sadavarte. They are your activists. Don’t take on the Marathas. Do not forget that these same Marathas have elected you 106 MLAs. Marathas have a lion’s share in bringing power to the center and state. So don’t go against the Marathas.’

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