Manoj Jarange Patil Rally: 300 KM cycle ride for Maratha reservation rally, Jarange-Patal applauds

Manoj Jarange Patil Rally



Manoj Jarange Patil Rally

Mangalwedha News : Following Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s request, Manoj Jarange Patil, who had started a death march for Maratha reservation, withdrew his hunger strike. October 14 is the one month anniversary of this incident. Against this backdrop, Manoj Jarange Patil is again holding a large meeting in Antarwali Sarati. For this meeting, the entire Maratha community has started crowding in Antarwali Sarati.

Manoj Jarange Patil (Manoj Jarange Patil) cycled 300 kilometers from Mangalvedha to Sarati for a meeting. Prof. Vinayak Kalubarme and Siddheshwar Dongre have done this cycle ride. Protesters Manoj Jarange-Patil clapped directly on their backs. But both of you have earned the honor of coming from such a long distance to this huge meeting.

There was a movement across the state regarding the reservation of the Sakal Maratha community. The Sakal Maratha community of Mangalvedha took an aggressive stance to support the protest of the protester Manoj Jarange Patil in protest of the lathi attack by the police at Antarwali Sarati. He tried to attract attention by protesting the state government through different means of agitation in six days. Considering the severity of Maratha society, Manoj Jarange Patil came on 5th October for Mangavedha tour.

Despite coming three and a half hours late, the entire Maratha community of Mangalvedha spontaneously participated and supported this meeting. Despite the heat of sowing in the month of October, with the aim of sacrificing something for the community, they rushed through Solapur, Tuljapur, Dharashiv, Yedshi, Yermala, Beed, Gevrai, Shahgad every day. After traveling 100 to 110 km, they entered the meeting place.

Prof. Vinayak Kalubarme and Siddheshwar Dongre took part in the fight launched by Manoj Jarange-Patil to get reservation within 50 percent from the OBC category to the Maratha community by implementing innovative activities.

Prof. Vinayak Kalubarme from Mangalvedha said, while riding a bicycle, the Maratha brothers warmly welcomed us and cooperated with us at many places on the way. Now we realize how much loss the Maratha community has suffered due to the lack of reservation. Therefore, it is time for the rulers to show their strength instead of closing the business and causing financial loss. .This sentiment was expressed by people during the cycle ride.

(Edited By Deepak Kulkarni)

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