Manoj Jaranage-Gunratna Sadavarte : File a case against Gunratna Sadavarte, Maratha community demands; What is the matter? | File a case against Gunaratna Sadavarte, Maratha community demands pvw88

Gunratna Sadavarte



Gunratna Sadavarte

Jalna News :

Maratha protester Manoj Jarange Patil held a public meeting at Antarwali Sarati. Lakhs of Maratha brothers from all over the state had entered Jalna for this meeting. Before this meeting, lawyer Gunaratna Sadavarte had criticized strongly demanding the arrest of Manoj Jarange Patil.

The Maratha community has objected to the words used by Gunaratna Sadavarte in an interview given to Sama TV. While we are fighting for our justice rights at our own expense, Manoj Jarange is being accused of hurting the sentiments of the Maratha community by using words like Jatra, Loyal Dog, Vina Pendhyaya Lota, Lavale Tartal Ugli Kal, etc. (Latest Marathi News)

Gunaratna Sadavarte has hurt the sentiments of the Maratha community by using such language and has also tried to create a rift between the two communities. The Maratha community has demanded to file a case against Gunaratna Sadavarte in this case. (Political News)

Sadavarte said that he was of the (violent) thought of Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi. Also, during the Mahasabha at Antarwali Sarati, he created confusion among lakhs of people and acted to create fear. A protest has been started for the demand that a case should be registered against them immediately.

Activists raised loud slogans to file a case against Gunaratna Sadavarte. A case should be registered by October 17, otherwise a strong protest has been given on behalf of the Maratha community.

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