Malegaon Jawan Movie : Chaos in Malegaon Kamaldeep Cinema; Firecrackers were set off while the film Jawan was playing firecrackers during jawan movie in malegaon cinema theater nashik news

The commotion after the firecrackers of Jawan cinema at Kamaldeep cinema hall


Malegaon Jawan Movie : At the Kamaldeep Cinema on Kusumba Road in the city, there was a commotion among the audience after the last game of Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’ was set off by fireworks.

This happened during the game between 9 and 12 on Friday (6th). The film had to be stopped as fireworks and twine bombs continued for about ten minutes. This incident is being discussed everywhere. (firecrackers during jawan movie in malegaon cinema theater nashik news)

The incident has been registered in Ramjanpura police station. Assistant Police Inspector Ashish Rohi told ‘Sakal’ that no case has been registered as the cinema owner did not file a complaint.

However, the police reached the cinema hall moments after the incident. Qasim Mohammad Ibrahim (25, resident of Mhalde Shiwar) was detained after firecrackers were found in his possession. Mr. Kasim said preventive action was taken. Rohi said. A month has passed since the release of Jawan.

After the last game started yesterday, the fireworks suddenly started as soon as the movie song started. This caused hundreds of spectators to stand up. There was a great commotion. As Friday was a holiday, the movie was crowded.

Two weeks after the release of the film, various theaters were shut down.

This incident took place when the police force was removed as the fever has subsided. Firecrackers in cinemas can sometimes cause serious accidents. This calls for strict action against over-enthusiastic audiences.

Need to care

A strong scene or song leads to rioting and bursting of firecrackers. Cinema owners and police administration should take precautions for this, otherwise it may lead to disaster. On June 13, 1997, 59 people lost their lives in the fire at Uphaar cinema in Delhi. This incident is still remembered by many and its scars are unforgettable.

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