Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra Fame Namrata Sambherao Character Lolly Video Viral Reel Shared By Geeta Kapur And Terence Lewis; Geeta Kapoor-Terence Lewis in love with ‘Lolly’; ‘Maharashtra Laughter Fair’ airs in Hindi too

Mumbai: ‘Maharashtra Comedy Jatra’ is a popular program on Marathi Television. The new season of this show which started recently also succeeded in winning the hearts of the audience. Many characters in the show have been deeply loved by the audience. When a popular character’s skit is not performed for a long time, the audience is often seen asking on social media. One such character is everyone’s favorite ‘Lolly’.

Maharashtra’s comedy hero and popular actress Namrata Sambherao plays the role of ‘Lolly’. One of the heavy skits of Lolli can be seen written by Sachin Goswami and Prasad Khandekar. Meanwhile, Lolly is popular only among Marathi audience and Hindi artists have also fallen in love with her. If you don’t believe me, just watch this viral video…

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The video shows that Bollywood veteran choreographer Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis fell in love with Lawley. Geeta and Terence have shared a reel on Lolly’s popular dialogue ‘Aankho Main Mat Jhanko’. Geeta is playing the role of Lolly and Terence is speaking the dialogues of Prasad Khandekar. Lolly’s skit is very popular on social media and now the reel made by Geeta-Terence on this skit is also in the news. While sharing the reel, these choreographers have also tagged Namrata, Prasad and Sai Tamhankar giving credit to the Maharashtra Laughter Fair.

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A humble comment

Commenting on the Geeta-Terence video, Namrata said, ‘Gita maa this has made my day, thank you so much for this video’. Terence immediately replied to Namrata’s comment and said, ‘Anyway OG she OG, respect to you’. Namrata then said, ‘Lolly to aur famous ho gayi’. Moreover, she has also thanked both of them for tagging Namrata while sharing the video. Apart from this, there are various comments from the fans of the comedy fair on this video.

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