Madhuri Pawar Brother Passed Away Actress Shared Emotional Post

Madhuri Pawar: A mountain of grief has fallen on actress and dancer Madhuri Pawar. Madhuri’s Akshay passed away 12 days ago. After the death of her brother, Madhuri shared an emotional post on social media. Madhuri has brought to light the memories of her brother through this post. Also, Madhuri has expressed her feelings through this post.

Madhuri Pawar’s post

In a post shared on Instagram, Madhuri wrote, “Dear Akshay, it’s been 12 days since you left. It is not unfortunate that the time has come to express it in words. No one can tell what exactly is going on in the mind of destiny. We often say that who has seen tomorrow. In fact, if I could have seen tomorrow, I could have prevented the sudden tragedy that happened to my brother from happening in my life. Are you so used to being that you can’t bear the thought of not being you? You were with me in every step of my life, whether it was my events or something, you were with me, many a times you managed your house on my behalf in my absence, took care of my family, took care of them. I felt very supported by you. We wanted to fulfill your dream of starting your own hotel because of your passion for cooking. You have never said ‘no’ to anyone. From children to adults, you stood up for everyone, you never underestimated any work, you always stood up for family, friends, you formed a bond of belonging with every person who came into your life. You did not disrespect any woman, you constantly fought to create your own existence. I was and always will be proud of all the qualities in you that you always prioritized the work of your sisters over yourself.”

“Your smiling face used to give me different energy to work. You did whatever you could as a brother out of love for your sisters. Due to parents’ culture and understanding between us, we never had any quarrels. You were and always will be my love. For many years we used to celebrate Rakshabandhan and Bhaubiji with enthusiasm, I remember the moments of Rakshabandhan with you this year, but remembering Bhaubiji in Diwali hurts more. Like a shadow you were with me. How can we get used to living without you in the next journey?” Madhuri has also written this in the post.

Madhuri wrote in the post, “I have always believed that Akshay, ask me for whatever you want instead of asking the world. Today you want to give me so much, I want to fulfill your wishes and I will definitely do it. I must have done good deeds in my last life, so in this life I will do it.” I got a brother like you but I wish I could have lived more life with you…I’m sure you will keep everyone laughing wherever you are.You were the most important part of my career, I wanted to see you on a bigger scale, your I will definitely work hard and start working hard to fulfill my wish. Keep your support, your love, your support always with me! But you will always be missed in my heart and life Akshu.”

Madhuri will be seen in the films Vedat Marathe Veer Daudle Saat, London Misal.

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