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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 : Tomorrow on 19th September, our ‘beloved Ganaraya’ will arrive. The exciting Ganeshotsav is going to start from tomorrow and preparations are going on everywhere on this occasion. Maharashtrian look is always trending during such festivals. In this Maharashtrian look, women use many things like Nauvari saree, Chandrakor, Thushi, Nath, Bugdi, bangles etc. These things not only reveal the beauty of women during festivals; But henna adds to this beauty. So if you are thinking of henna on hand for Ganeshotsav, we are going to show you some special designs; Which will help to enhance the beauty of your hands.

On the occasion of Ganeshotsav, you must try some henna designs as follows:

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1. Arabic design– Many women, girls love to draw Arabic henna designs on their hands. This structure is also very popular with many young people. It requires very little effort. It can be removed very easily. You can easily remove this henna at home even after taking time off from work. For this, large flowers and leaves are used in this design. Arabic henna looks beautiful and attractive and you should definitely try it for Ganeshotsav.

2. Border design– The border design in henna grabs everyone’s attention and attracts the onlookers. Very fine and attractive designs are drawn on the hands in this henna. Do any type of hand embroidery with henna and highlight all the borders of the design.

3. Traditional Design- Many special things are depicted for traditional designs in henna. Designs on the hands include round circles, animals, flowers, jhumkas and special embroidery designs. If you want to draw traditional henna, then you can definitely use this design.

4. Indo Arabic Design- Indo-Arabic design is a combination of Indian and Arabic designs. These designs often feature Indian floral patterns, shading birds and unique motifs; Which enhance the beauty of your hands…

5. Modern Mehndi Design / Back Hand Mehendi Design- Some girls like to apply henna only on the back side of the hand. This is a special design for them. On the back of the hand, draw a circular henna right in the middle, embroider it and leave a little space around it. Then enhance the beauty of the hands by simply embroidering the fingers.

6. Front Hand Mehndi Designs: If you want to draw henna only on the palm, you can draw henna by Arabic or fine embroidery. Draw a picture in the middle on the palm and draw a finely embroidered design on the fingers and wrists.

7. For some, no matter the festival; Full Hand Mehendi Design is definitely loved. You can definitely use this design if you want to apply henna from fingers to elbows. With the help of flowers, fine embroidery and borders, you can create a handful of henna.

8. Henna Designs for Kids: Children do not sit still while drawing henna. So you can use this design to get quick henna on kids hands. You can enhance the beauty of the hands of little ones by picking a flower.

Wash your hands thoroughly before applying henna; So that if you have any lotion or oil on your hands, it will come off. Waxing or scrubbing before applying henna. Reason- Scrubbing or waxing after applying henna can fade the color of henna. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight while applying henna. Because – it will dry the henna quickly and the color of the henna will fade. Keep hands away from water after removing henna. Paint your hands and remove dry henna or take the help of a butter knife.

These mehndi designs are taken from @mehendi_artist_harshada_borje_ and @mehndi_artists_himanshi_rathod Instagram account of mehndi artist.

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