Lonavala Crime News One 42 Years Old Person Commits Suicide At Lions Point Dead Body Found To Rescue Team Lonavala Pune

Lonavala, Pune : There are many incidents of people taking extreme steps in tourist places. One such incident has come to light. Efforts were made by the locals and the rescue team to persuade the man who said he was going to commit suicide. However, an incident has taken place in Lonavala where the dead body of a missing person was found in the fog in the evening and then in the darkness of the night.

A person was standing on the side of a mountain at Lions Point in Lonavala. A video of the incident has also surfaced. From this man’s mouth, I was constantly talking about committing suicide. But at that time the citizens who were nearby told him not to do that. He then informed the police about this. After that, the rescue team entered the place. They tried to stop him. However, between five and six in the evening, fog increased in this area, and darkness began to fall. After that the person disappeared from that place. But later the search was started but he was not found.

The search for the missing person was started from September 25. But the police have informed that his body has now been found in Rajgad limits. Santosh Shilavane is approximately 42 years old and is a resident of Ramnagar area of ​​Lonavala area. The reason for the suicide is not yet known.

More information about this is that a person was standing on a cliff to commit suicide at Lions Point in Lonavala area. At that time, the police tried to stop him with the help of a rescue team. However, after some time, the area became foggy and dark. After that the person disappeared. The rescue team then started the search operation that day. But he was not found. But after that, during the search, different parts of his body i.e. initially hand claw and foot were found, then the whole body i.e. dead body was found in Raigad district.

In this regard, Inspector Kishore Dhumal of Lonavala Rural said that a complaint was lodged with the Lonavala Rural Police. Accordingly, the body of the concerned person has been found and it is still in the custody of the Raigad Police. After that further action will be taken.

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