Leopard Attacks On Four Year Old Child While Playing Outside House In Junnar Pune; Four-year-old Shivansh tragically dies after being attacked by a leopard while playing with his grandfather in the courtyard

Junar: A four-year-old boy, Shivansh Bhujbal, who was playing in the yard of Amol Bhujbal’s pheasant farm in Ale village, was attacked by a leopard sitting in a sugarcane field. Shivansh, who was injured in the attack, died while undergoing treatment in the hospital. The accident happened around 5 pm. Meanwhile, due to this incident, due to the outbreak of anger among the villagers of Ale, former member of the Zilla Parishad, Prasanna Doke, has given a warning that if the leopards are not immediately disposed of by placing cages in this area, they will hold a road stop movement.

leopard attack

Further information is that Shivansh was playing with his grandfather in the courtyard of the house. At that time, the leopard, which was sitting in the sugarcane field in front of the house, suddenly pounced and grabbed Shivansh by the neck and started taking him away. Immediately there was an outcry in the area. At that time, Avinash Gadge, a young man who was present at the place, bravely ran after the leopard and rescued Shivansh from the jaws of the leopard. At that time, Shivansh, who was seriously injured, was immediately admitted to a private hospital by his family. However, Shivansh died there during the treatment.

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Meanwhile, as soon as the information about this incident came to light, Otur’s forest area officer V. M. Kakade, Police Inspector Yashwant Nalavde of Alephata Police Station, Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Badgujar visited the spot.

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Fifth victim in 9 months

According to the records available with the forest department, the number of victims of leopard attacks in the last 9 months in Junnar forest division area has increased to five due to this incident. Four victims were killed in four consecutive months from January to April. While the fifth victim has died in the form of Shivansh and a total of 10 people have been injured so far.

Assault on biker

He survived a brief attack by a leopard in Alephata area just four days ago.

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Appointment of Patrolmen

The incident is unfortunate. Everything will be done to help the families. Instructions have been given to manage the leopards by placing cages. Villagers living in the slums should take precautions when going out in the morning and evening – Amol Satpute (Conservator of Forests, Junnar Forest Department)

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