“Kuni Bola Nahi” Marathmola Musician’s ‘That’ Post Gets Attention; Said, “All the feelings of a year of drinking…” | Music Director Devendra Bhome shared criticized post on Ganesh Visarjan

Today it is time to say goodbye to our beloved Bappa who has been with us for the past ten days. “Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangalamurthy Morya, early next year” is the farewell to Bappa. Ganaraya is saying goodbye with great enthusiasm to the sound of drums. Big processions have been taken out for this. But a Maratha musician has written a poignant post about this; Which has been well discussed.

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This Marathmola musician is Devendra Bhome. Devendra is working in Marathi, Hindi cinema and serial world. He has composed the title songs of many serials. Today Devendra has written a poignant post about Ganapati Visarjan; This post has been shared by some artists on social media.

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Read Devendra’s ‘She’ post…

No one wants to talk! Mangalmurthy Morya!…..
Many people who went in search of Mangalamurthy must have seen the ugly sight of the city today. But this is our festival so no one wants to say anything! By closing all the works, by closing all the roads, we will use the speaker system until the ears are covered, showing how loud our voice is, regardless of the young, old and old. So wherever you live, our voice will reach you. Because today you don’t want to talk to each other even in your home. Basically speaking, you will not hear it. Only our voice today! We’ll be standing tall in the streets drinking alcohol and regurgitating all the emotions of the year in the dirtiest way possible. Shouldn’t we show our culture to the next generation in the society? So no one wants to say anything.

All big and small will come together and we will print a big banner. Wearing a nice new pair of goggles or a small chain around our neck, we’ll put up photos of about 350 people we know and put up banners wherever we can. There is an aspiring politician in every street. Even if we don’t see the signal for a day, it will work, but you have to see our faces today. Because this is our festival, our celebration, we have deep faith in our God and we are the mirror of this society.

We will continue to fight for our rights throughout the year, we will keep asking how we can get everything good in everything, but we don’t want anyone to tell us about cleanliness, no matter how dirty we do today, we don’t want anyone to say anything. Because this is our festival and we love our bappa very much.

This year we have tried to do what we want, but next year we will be ready to do more dirty things with new enthusiasm, new ideas, that’s why today we told our Bappa that “next year come early!” – A devotee of our beloved Bappa! Ganapati Bappa Morya!

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The netizens along with the cast have reacted a lot to this post of Devendra. “You spoke,” wrote Gautami Deshpande. Snehalata Vasaikar has given the reaction “reality”.

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