Konkan’s pride Neha Patil got the honor of Lavani empress; The winner of ‘Dholki’s Talawar’ has been decided Neha Patil winner of Dholkichya Talavar and Shubham Borade becomes the first runner-up

The grand finale of ‘Dholki’s Talavar’ on ‘Colors Marathi’ went off in a grand manner yesterday and finally Maharashtra got a new empress. Penchi’s Neha Patil, who slayed with her captivating acting and amazing dancing skills, became the winner of ‘Dholki Chi Talavar’. While Shubham Borade became the first runner-up and Namrata Sangule became the second runner-up.

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Lavani dancers from all corners of Maharashtra celebrated the ‘Dholki Chi Taalvar’ festival well this year. Fakkad Lavani, Dilkhechak Ada, Puneri Thaska, etc. were all seen in this year’s festival. Samata Amne, Namrata Sangule, Purva Salekar, Tanuja Shinde, Shubham Borade and Neha Patil made it to the grand finale. But out of these six Lavanyavanti, Konkan girl Neha Patil won. She became the winner of this year’s ‘Dholki Ki Talavar’.

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Neha Patil’s journey in this competition was memorable. Her loyalty, her skill, her mastery of planting techniques set her apart from the competition right from the beginning. Every performance exemplifies her perfection. It was also a surprise to the judges and the audience. Keeping the core of traditional lavani, she gave it a modern twist, won many hearts and eventually became the lavani empress.

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Actress Kranti Redkar, well-known producer, director and writer Abhijit Panse and choreographer Ashish Patil were in charge of judging this year’s ‘Dholki Chi Talavaar’. Akshay Kelkar, the grand winner of the fourth season of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’, hosted the show.

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