Kelly Clarkson easily handles Malört Shot and wins social media adulation

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Daytime TV talk show host and famed musician Kelly Clarkson has displayed an unflappable stage presence for years, but her effortless one-shot takedown of Malört may be one of her greatest achievements to date.

Clarkson interviewed “Chicago PD” star Benjamin Levy Aguilar on Monday and he offered him the “Chicago Handshake,” a shot of Malört, an Old Style beer and a firm handshake.

While many languished at such challenges, or put on a face few have ever seen, Clarkson seemed totally unfazed by the whole experience.

“You don’t need a fighter,” Clarkson said. “It’s okay! I don’t think I needed a fighter!

While it’s unclear if Clarkson plans to run for mayor after her epic performance, the internet rightly threw flowers at her feet:

The singer compared the taste of the drink to foods such as beets and said after consuming the drink “you like them or you don’t like them”.

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