JP Nadda On MLA: BJP MLAs with poor performance are likely to get ticket cut in Lok Sabha elections – ABP MAJHA

  1. JP Nadda On MLA: There is a possibility that the ticket of BJP MPs with good performance will be cut in the Lok Sabha electionsABP MAJHA
  2. Maharashtra BJP | Inside news from the BJP fold, the ticket of ‘this’ MP will be cutTV9 Marathi
  3. Loksabha Election | Will BJP cut the Lok Sabha ticket of some MPs? Allegation of corruption within the partyZee 24 Taas
  4. BJP will give chance to new faces for Lok Sabha; Address of some MPs will be cut?Lokmat
  5. BJP MPs with good performance in the state are likely to cut tickets, J.P. NaddaABP Majha
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