Jailed in college, secretly worked in B grade movies; A dream home was created from it – kiran kumar build his dream home by act in b grade movies

Mumbai– If you want to work in Bollywood, you have to struggle. Sometimes the luck of some artist rarely comes to fruition and the struggles they feel don’t come. Some have to do different jobs for their household to make a name for themselves.

actor kiran kumar
Kiran Kumar

Bollywood’s famous villain actor Jeevan’s son Kiran Kumar is currently in the limelight due to his interview. Kiran Kumar shared an anecdote from his struggle days as well as his college days.

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Kiran Kumar was recently seen in Shilpa Shetty’s ‘Sukhi’. In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, he shared some anecdotes related to his life and career. Kiran Kumar studied at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). He said that he was always very angry and aggressive. In his college, there were often fights between the students of acting and directing department. Kiran Kumar was a student of acting department in college. He had a fight with the students of the directing department.

The students were beaten up, the police caught them and took them to jail.

Kiran Kumar said, ‘When we beat them up, the police came to the spot and took us away. They took me and Raza Murad. Jagdish Sodhi and others were there. Our Guru Tanjiya Saheb came there and took us out. But our principal was very angry. He said, ‘I will not let these miscreants go. So we got kicked out of college.

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BR Chopra released from jail

Kiran Kumar added, ‘When we were kicked out, some students of the acting department said that if you kick them out, we will go on strike. And the strike happened and it lasted for 45 days. After that members of the film industry were called to come and solve the problem. BR Chopra, AK Abbas and some others were in it. Those who created this mess were called. Chopra uncle said, son, you were not like that, then why did you start fighting? I apologized and then they asked the principal to forgive us. The matter was settled and they took us back to college.

Instead of getting a shout, got the first movie, the fee

Kiran Kumar said that after this, when AK Abbas invited him to his guest house, the actor thought he was going to get a good shout. But he offered a role in the film. Kiran Kumar was surprised to see this. Abbas said to Kirankumar that I want Lambu Engineer, will you play the role? Kiran Kumar accepted this offer. Kiran Kumar received Rs 7,500 for this role.

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B and C grade movies made for money

Kiran Kumar said that he needed money to realize his dream house. There were many ups and downs in his career. He had decided to work in B and C grade films because they were paying well. He built a house out of it. Kiran Kumar said that his house has 11 pillars, which cost Rs 44 lakh.

Hidden from his wife, he built a house with the money of B grade films

Kiran Kumar said that he did not get satisfaction and happiness from doing such films. He used to hide his grief even from his wife. On receiving a large check, he would hide his sadness and smile and give it to his wife. He built this house when he was going through a bad phase of his career. His other films did not do well. For this reason he took the path of B and C grade films. According to the actor, it took him six years to build his dream house. Kiran Kumar said that I am not ashamed of doing B and C grade films. He is as proud as his other films. After all, it was only because of him that he was able to build a house.

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