Indian team ready to win World Cup -Kapil Dev | Kapil Dev statement that the Indian team is ready to win the World Cup amy 95

New Delhi : Although the Indian cricket team is all set to win the ODI World Cup at home, a lot depends on luck. So I don’t want to give them preference, said Kapil Dev, the former captain of India’s World Cup winning team.

When Kapil Dev was asked about the Indian team’s hopes in the World Cup after their performance in the Asia Cup, it was important for them to finish in the top four first. After that, everything depends on luck, he said. “It cannot be said that the Indian team is in the race for the potential title for the World Cup. The Indian team is definitely good; But the mind thinks differently. We still need to prepare. I have an idea about your team. I have no idea yet about the strength of the other team. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to blindly talk about the chances of winning the title,” said Kapil Dev.

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“It can be said that the Indian team is ready to play and win the World Cup. By winning the Asia Cup, they have shown their readiness. Kapil also said that Indian players should play with passion and enjoy the game in the World Cup. All players must be fit for the World Cup. Because even if a player is injured, the balance of the team is disturbed, Kapildev showed the importance of fitness for the big tournament.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Siraj bowling. There was a time when the Indian team relied solely on spinners; But now the picture has changed and that is why the strength of the team has increased. – Kapil Dev

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