India-Canada Conflict: “Canada vs India is a match now..”, Thackeray group’s stance on Hardeep Singh Nijjar murder case; Modi government target! | Thackeray faction slams Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Hardeep Singh Nijjar murder

Relations between India and Canada have been strained over the killing of Khalistan supporter Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The Indian government has denied the allegations of India’s involvement in this murder. India has temporarily suspended its visa service in Canada. Therefore, when this matter is being discussed strongly at the international level, now the Thackeray group has targeted the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government on this issue. Also, the Thackeray group has also criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a leader with a childish intellect.

“Justin Trudeau’s Childish Wisdom”

“Justin Trudeau alleges the involvement of Indian officials in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, but does not provide evidence. This is their ploy to gain political sympathy for Khalistani movements in Canada. Justin Trudeau tried to defame India by making accusations in the Canadian Parliament, but European nations don’t seem to be taking Justin Trudeau very seriously. Justin Trudeau is a leader with a boyish intellect. Such people are in the ruling party in our country as well”, said Samana in the foreword.

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“Anti-India operations are gaining strength from Canadian soil. As Khalistani thinkers gather in Toronto, Vancouver and speak unbridled language of dismemberment of India, Justin Trudeau brazenly opines, ‘That’s their freedom of expression’. Giving political protection in the name of freedom of expression to those who use the language of division and violence in a country is a sign of fools. This is a surrender to the vote bank of a tribe”, Thackeray group has targeted Justin Trudeau in these words.

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“India-Pakistan has become a hot topic for the 2024 general elections. Therefore, the picture is clear that Pakistan will now be replaced by Khalistan. India is under threat from Khalistan movements. So, don’t be surprised if this becomes a campaign issue tomorrow, vote for BJP and Modi. Whether it is Pakistan or Khalistan, anything can happen for politics and elections in our country. The ‘Canada vs India’ match is now taking the place of ‘India vs Pakistan’”, the Thackeray group has argued.

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