Important Update from RTO regarding RC Smart Card and License; Big relief for motorists

Mt. Representative, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar: Last 20 to 22 days license and RC book should be available in smart card. Citizens who are waiting for this will get smart card soon. RC Book smart card printing which has been stopped for the past several days has been started. Apart from this, the RTO department has informed that five thousand licenses are being printed every day.

The contract for smart card printing of licenses and RC books across the state was awarded to a new company. A company based in Karnataka had decided to print at three locations in the state. A seat was also prepared in the Aurangabad RTO office for this purpose. After getting this space, the printing work was started by the end of August. All arrangements were made in this office for RC book printing with license. But printing was stopped due to technical problems. The printing of license has been started after removing this technical problem.

RC Book Smart Card printing was scheduled from September 1. However, this printing was stopped due to non-availability of data. As RC Book smart card printing stopped at all three centers across the state, motorists were unable to get their RC print. Finally the technical problem of RC book smart card print has been resolved. Under this, the data of 61 thousand 853 licenses of smart card in 13 districts was given. Printing of 54 thousand 428 smart card licenses has been completed. Apart from this, 16 thousand 11 card print data of RC book was sent. The printing of the said smart card has been completed. The said smart card has been sent to the RTO offices of that district through post,’ the information has been given by the RTO department.

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Due to some technical reason the printing of RC Book was stopped. Now it has started. The concerned company has been instructed by the Transport Commissioner to regularize this print. Due to this, there will be no problem in printing. This print will be regular.

Vijay Kathole, Regional Transport Officer, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar

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