‘If you drag your grandson into politics, we will play DJ near your ear…’ MNS’s Sushma Andahar warns; What is the case? MNS leader Shalini Thackeray criticizes Sushma Andhare over her statement on Raj Thackeray’s grandson

Sushma Andhare Raj Thackeray



Sushma Andhare Raj Thackeray

Shalini Thackeray On Sushma Andhare:

Many people expressed concern over the DJ’s noise in the recently held Ganapati Visarjan procession. MNS president Raj Thackeray also commented on this in a tweet. After Raj Thackeray’s tweet, Sushma Andhare, the leader of the Thackeray group, had threatened that the great leader would speak out because his grandson was troubled. It is because of this that MNS and Andharen are seeing a good match.

The detailed information about this is that Sushma Andhare criticized Raj Thackeray’s grandson by mentioning it. After this criticism, MNS has also taken an aggressive stance and attacked Sushma Andhare. If you take the name of Raj Thackeray’s grandson for no reason, we will play a DJ under your ear.

What is MNS warning…

“Rajasaheb has often taken a firm stand that Hindu festivals should be celebrated with enthusiasm. However, he took this firm stand against the disturbance caused by DJs and laser lights in some Hindu festivals. This was welcomed by the people of Maharashtra and sensitive people of all parties. It seems that you are not interested in the matter.”

“Currently, when there is an uproar over Marathi, the rest of your Sena chiefs and their sidekicks are silent. At this time, only MNS (MNS) and Rajsaheb are taking a stand. That’s why you are desperately trying to gain fame by criticizing Rajsaheb…”

The habit of your ‘group’ leaders to drag the family into politics is old. A few days ago your ‘group’ chief dragged the Chief Minister’s grandson into politics. Then how can disciples like you – flat ones stay behind? This shows the culture of your party.

Dark woman, remember this. If you talk to your grandson about politics when there is no relation, then Maharashtra Navnirman Mahila Sena will be a DJ near your ear. It will not be without playing. Be sure to oppose the matters that do not agree. But keep the language and level of opposition to suit the political culture of Maharashtra… Shalini Thackeray has warned. (Latest Marathi News)

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