How Rohit Sharma Misses World Record In World Cup 2023 Know The Real Story ; Watch how Rohit Sharma defies the umpires’ decision and misses out on a chance to set a world record…

Chennai: Rohit Sharma now has a chance to create history with a world record in the very first match of the World Cup. So far no player has been able to do this feat in the World Cup but Rohit rejected the umpire’s decision in this match and thus Rohit Sharma lost the chance to make the world record this time. This is Rohit Sharma’s third World Cup. Rohit Sharma has played only two ODI World Cups so far. He was in the Indian team in 2015 and 2019. In 17 matches of these two tournaments, Rohit has scored 978 runs at an average of 65.70. It includes 6 centuries and 3 fifties. Rohit’s best score in World Cup is 140. He played this innings against Pakistan in 2019. So this was Rohit’s 18th match in the World Cup. In this 18th match, Rohit would have made the world record in his name.

Rohit Sharma came out to bat and created history within no time. Rohit has 978 runs in the ODI World Cup. He needed just 22 runs to cross the 1000 run mark. Had Rohit scored 22 runs in this match, he would have held the world record for fastest 1000 runs in the World Cup. Earlier this sale was in the name of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin had completed 1000 runs in 20 matches. But it was in this match that David Warner broke his world record. Warner completed his 1000 World Cup runs in 19 innings. So now even if Rohit scores 22 runs in the next match, he and Warner will be equal. So history will not be made in Rohit’s name.

This will happen for the first time in the Cricket World Cup!

Rohit Sharma was dismissed by the umpire. Rohit rejected the decision and took that review. But Rohit failed in this review and was eliminated.

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