How is Ganeshotsav at the actresses’ house, a special feast of offerings for Bappa; Sesame-coconut ladle and… – marathi actress makes ganpati naivedya sukanya mone and priya berde

Naivedy’s special feast Sampada Joshi

There is a feast of dishes like karanjaya, ladu, puranpoli, gulachi poli. Bappa resides in the houses of many artists. The cast takes time out from filming to prepare different dishes as offerings to Lord Ganesha. He shared with ‘Munta’ that two such popular senior actresses are going to make a special offering for the pair of Modaks for Bappa.

Sesame-coconut ladles are a must!
Modak is Lord Ganesha’s favorite food. So they become in everyone’s home. We also have them. But every year traditional cooking like Panchkhady, besna ladle, semolina-coconut ladle, Varan-rice, Matki Usala, polli is also done along with Modak. We make besan and semolina-coconut ladles for Bappa without fail. Making semolina-coconut laddoos is very easy. I add a little milk to the coconut while roasting; So that it gets a white white color. Also, a little milk is added while roasting semolina. Roast semolina well and combine both the mixtures. Once the mixture cools down a bit, add sugar and some dry fruit powder as per how sweet you want it. Stir the mixture and once it cools completely, turn the ladle. When we show our offering to Bappa, our heart also becomes happy.
– Sukanya Kulkarni-Mone

Delicious breakfast buns

Every year various food items are offered to Ganapati. Two dishes I make without fail are Shevaya Kheer and Sanjya Polya with Modak. I myself love the sanjaya pods. Sanjya Polya means Godacha Shira’s hive. In some places it is also called satora. It’s that easy to do. Also they taste great. Fine semolina, jaggery, milk, veldoda powder, kanik and some flour are required for ginseng hives. It should be done as we do veins. I add jaggery instead of sugar in that vein. Once the vein is prepared, its mixture should be prepared. I probably don’t use much flour to roll the honeycomb. I use more dough. A ball of dough and a mixture of rice was rolled into honeycombs and fried with ghee from the mast. Bappa was offered to taste the delicious hot polai.

– Priya Berde

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