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On the one hand, the atmosphere for the ODI Cricket World Cup is building in the country, considering the non-cricket sports and the sports sector at large, the coconut of the more prestigious Asian Games was raised on Saturday itself (of course the football and volleyball matches have already started). This competition in Hong Chau is the Asian Olympics!

In this period, quality, hard work, reputation are all at stake for the country. Every day during the competition period, we are also looking at how many medals we got today and at the end, we are also curious to see how many countries we got in the end.

There is certainly optimism on the one hand, while on the other hand, the reality is grim when taking a comparative look. In 1951, the Asian Games was inaugurated in our capital i.e. New Delhi. At that time there were 11 participating countries and we were second in the overall medal race. Now in 2023 the number of participating countries is 41. Judging by the performance of the last few years, our position will remain in the first five to seven numbers. However, the number of medals will be important.

Culture is important

Over the past few years, the attitude of the general public and even the rulers towards sports in the country has changed. Facilities, money and incentives are being provided for sports and athletes. So be it the Olympics or the World or World Championships of all other sports. Something positive is happening.

But this is a field of sports where no one becomes a star-superstar overnight. It requires continuous hard work. When it comes to the country, sports culture has to be created in the respective country. Sportsmen are not made in school just by keeping ‘PT’ hours.

So universities have to be created for that. In other words, there is only a gold-plated medal in it. But when you get such a medal, you become the ‘number one’ in Asia or the world and in turn your country also goes to a higher level.

China established the right

Before taking stock of India’s future at the Asian Games, which began in Hangzhou, it is important to look at where we are now. This is the 19th edition of the Asian Sports Kumbh Mela which started in 1951.

In the last 18 events, India has won a total of 672 medals including 155 gold, 201 silver and 316 bronze. The top ranked China has claimed a total of 3187 medals including 1473 gold, 994 silver, 720 bronze. China did not participate in the first five tournaments. However, it is special that he made so much progress even after entering the field!

‘He’ honor is supreme

Considering the three medal percentages of gold, silver and bronze, India has a lower percentage of gold medals than silver and bronze medals. China’s ratio is exactly opposite. When more gold medals are won then your player or team is champion. That’s why prestige is determined by the number of champions rather than the number in the medal table. Also, in another sense, the national anthem of the gold medalists is played at the medal ceremony. That honor is very high.

Anyway, now let’s take a look at the tournament in Hong Chau…More than 634 players from India have participated in 38 different sports. This team of players is the largest in history so far. So there is no problem in expecting more medals this time.

The players have also worked hard. Also, they have not been allowed to fall short in practice. But in such multinational competitions, the most important thing is how prepared your opponent is. Looking at the total number of medals, it is in ascending order. But the number of gold medals is not increasing as much as it should be. This is where we fall back.

An increase on last time’s total of 70 medals is expected this time around; But will she reach 100? This is the real hundredth question. Even if the Olympics are far away, the Asian Games are not getting the expected success. However, it is our athletes who loot medals in Commonwealth or South Asian Games.

A little happiness, a little sadness

The Asian Games are dominated by athletes from China, Japan and Korea. These three countries also show their monopoly in the biggest sporting event on the planet i.e. Olympics.

Well, it is not only in certain sports that the players of these three countries are strong. From athletics to wrestling and from shooting to badminton and archery, these countries have some or the other expert players in all sports. Now look at this…a big revolution is happening in Indian football.

This is a promising picture. The number of countries playing in the next FIFA World Cup will be up to 48. There is a dim and dim possibility that it might involve your number. But in the opener of this Asian Games, China has defeated India by 5-1.

This happens in every sport, be it team or individual, with a slight difference. Another example is speaking. The Asian Games said that two (men’s, women’s) gold medals in Kabaddi would count as a certainty. That’s our monopoly. But in the last tournament, Iran beat us. This analysis becomes important here whether we fall short or Iran advances.

Big challenge for Neeraj, Sindhu

Athletics along with wrestling and shooting are big contributors to the medals you get! But with the exception of Neeraj Chopra, there is no guarantee that anyone else will win the gold medal. Although Neeraj is the Olympic champion, Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem is not far behind. It is Arshad who respects Neeraj like an elder brother; But he can also shock in the Asian tournament.

Phulrani P. V. Sindhu could not break the challenge of Spain’s Carolina Marin for the gold medal in the Olympics. There is no Carolina here but some players from China, Taipei, Indonesia, Korea have been heavy on Sindhu in the last few tournaments. It would be a bonus if Sindhu, who is reeling from failure, gets a medal.

Expectations from Aditi-Prathmesh

In archery, Aditi Swamy, Prathamesh Javakar have done their best in the past few months, so expect big success from them. But the formidable Koreans, and Sino-Japan will pose an equally formidable challenge. Manu Bhakar, Rudranksh Patil, Swapnil Kusale, Anjum Maudgil can definitely win gold medals if there is accurate target difference in shooting.

Everyone’s dignity in wrestling

Whether it is Olympics or Asian competition, wrestling is the sport that brings sure success to India. However, in the last few months, the infighting between the administration and the wrestlers has become a major detriment to Indian wrestling.

After agitations, court battles and a ban on wrestling associations, for the first time a big wrestler like Bajrang will enter the arena of Asia. At that time, everyone’s reputation will be at stake. ‘G-20’ grand event was organized in the capital a few days ago. It was praised by the whole world. India appeared prominently on the world map. Now it is hoped that the medal flag will be raised high on the map of the Asian Games.

India’s progress in the last few years…

Year -Number -Gold -Silver Bronze -Total

2002- 7th -11 -12 -13 -36

2006 -8th -10 -17 -26 – 53

2010 -6th -14 -17- 34 – 65

2014- 8th -11 -10 36- 57

2018 – 8th -16 – 23 -31 – 70

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