Govinda Reveals Last Year He Rejected 100 Crores Projects He Used To Slap Himself; Rejected 100 crore films, used to stand in front of the mirror and slap himself… Why did Govinda say that?

Mumbai: There was a time in the nineties when Govinda signed 70 films at once. Govinda had done almost 40 films in three-four years after his debut. But he was away from films for the last four years. Govinda is also frequently asked by his fans when he will be seen in the cinema. Meanwhile, Govinda recently commented on his absence from the film world. He revealed that last year i.e. 2022, he rejected 100 crore films. Speaking to the media on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, he informed about this.

On September 19, Govinda also celebrated Ganesha with his entire family. Meanwhile Govinda while interacting with the media said why he is missing from films. He also said that he has the grace of Ganapati Bappa.

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Govinda rejected 100 crore films, what is the reason?

Govinda said, ‘I don’t accept work easily. But to those who think that I am not getting work, I would like to say that it is Baba who has graced me. I have left projects worth Rs 100 crore last year.’

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‘I stand in front of the mirror and slap myself…’

Govinda then jokingly said, I stand in front of the mirror and slap myself because I am not signing any project. The actor said, ‘They were paying a lot. But I didn’t want to play any random role. I wanted something that I have done before. Something at that level is needed.’

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The last film made in 2019

Talking about Govinda’s career, he made his acting debut in 1986 with the film ‘Love 86’ and that film became a super hit. Govinda became an overnight star and never looked back. Govinda was last seen in ‘Rangila Raja’ in 2019 and has not announced any new film since then. Govinda was seen in a double role in ‘Rangila Raja’.

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