Girija Oak and Sai Tamhankar became ‘such’ special friends; The actress said, “She is with my grandfather…” Girija Oak talks about her friendship with Sai Tamhankar

Sai Tamhankar is known as a leading actress in the Marathi art world. She has created a distinct identity for herself in Marathi as well as Hindi art world. Sai has endeared herself to many people in the industry due to her open hearted nature. Actress Girija Oak and Sai have been very close friends for many years. In a recent interview, Girija Oak has made many revelations about her friendship with Sai.

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September 2023 turned out to be very special for actress Girija Oak as two of her Hindi films hit the screens. Girija played an important role in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ and Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Vaccine War’. On this occasion, she recently gave an interview to the radio channel ‘Mirchi Marathi’. How is the relationship between the actress and Sai? A question was asked about this. On this, Girija said, “There should always be one person in your life who, after killing, why did you kill? Instead of asking, say come and hide behind me. My relationship with her is so strong.”

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Girija added, “Both of us have been friends for a long time. We met in Sangli. We were not working in acting then. She used to live in Sangli and now I live in Sangli. She used to come to my grandfather to learn French. So our friendship started to grow. When Sai first came to Mumbai, nobody wanted to know her. So we used to be together then.”

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“I love her so much and I am so proud of her. Because, she has achieved so much in such a short time, that too on her own courage… I am extremely proud to have a friend like Sai in my life.” Girija Oak said that.

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